Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ on Email Marketing, Sales Lead Management and Survey solution. Module specific questions are addressed in the respective sections.

This section answers most frequently asked questions including general, email marketing, mailing list management, online surveys, LeadPro 24|7 specific features and functionalities, and technical and support related high level queries. For more information and specific queries, please email the support team.

General Information

Q. What is LeadPro 24|7?

A. LeadPro 24|7 is an integrated suite of Sales Lead Management, permission based Email Marketing and Web based Survey Analysis solutions. The solution can be used for bulk email list management, segmentation / target marketing, preparing, emailing and tracking news letters, product announcements, and special offers, lead capture, lead imports from internal and external systems, lead scoring and routing, lead tracking, survey design, survey data collection, survey analysis, campaign reporting and proactive opt-in / opt-out management.

Q. What are the key features of the system?

A. It is fully web based and offered as an On-demand eMarketing solution based on subscription payment model (available 24X7). It is based on enterprise class technology platform and includes user friendly interface with extensive in-built error checking features. The application is hosted in a highly secure web hosting server environment.

Q. Should I install any client-side software on our computers in order to use the system?

A. LeadPro 24|7 does not need any software or special hardware. All you need is access to Internet and a web browser and you are ready to go!

Q. Do I need to enter into long term contracts to use the service?

A. No. You can subscribe to the service on a monthly basis. There is no need for any long term commitments or contracts.

Q. We are a large organization. Can multiple users from our organization work on the system and access the contents and reports?

A. Yes. Large organizations can have any number of users on LeadPro 24|7 Enterprise Edition. Even the user access permissions can be managed by flexible role assignments.

Q. Can the leads and lists be imported from external systems? What are the formats supported?

A. Yes, the Sales Leads and List data can be imported from external systems including your enterprise systems into LeadPro 24|7 database. Formats supported are XLS, CSV, ASCII, MS Access, and XML (via API). Note that the Email lists imported should have explicit subscriber permissions for email marketing. LeadPro 24|7 also includes Email Parsing engine to input the data directly from email messages.

Q. Is the data and information stored in the database secure?

A. We use highly secure, hosted servers in enterprise class data centers to store and process the data.

Q. How long does it take to set up the account and start using the application?

A. Once you sign-up on the internet, we manually review the application for completeness and accuracy and start building the profile. Depending on your specific configuration requirements, the start up time varies. It can range anywhere from a few hours to few days. If you are request includes Lead Management plan, one of of our implementation consultants will get in touch with you to gather configuration information.

Sales Lead Management

Q. What are the key features of Lead Management module?

A. Sales Leads can be organized / collected for Multiple Business Areas and Multiple Product Lines. Lead information can be entered through the system or imported from other systems. The system provides interfaces to several external lead vendors such as LendingTree, LowerMyBills, NetQuote, InsureMe, ASAP Quotes, InsWeb / AgentInsider, InsuranceLeads.Com, Zillow and Leads2Result using web services based API or Email Parsing engine. Unlimited Lead Sources can be defined. Extensive features are available for Lead Distribution to the marketing and sales team as well as channel partners. Very useful analytic reports are also included. The lead management solution supports both PUSH and PULL method based lead routing.

Q. Our sales is primarily through channel partners. Can the partner employees access the system directly?

A. Entire sales team including that of your partners can access the application. Leads are protected based on definable business rules such as territory, geographic zones, regions, etc.

Q. What Lead Management services are included in the software?

A. The services include Lead Capture, Qualification, Lead scoring (optional), Lead routing / Distribution / lead assignment, lead re-assignment, lead follow-up, conversion tracking and analytics.

Q. Does the system support flexible Lead template definition?

A. Yes, the system supports Lead Templates Definition to collect various data  elements from the prospects. Each lead campaign can use a different template. This is called as a Lead Journal. LeadPro 24|7  includes several industry segment specific Lead templates such as Home / Life / Health / Auto / Business / Commercial / RV / Boat / Renters Insurance Leads, Real Estate Leads, Mortgage Leads, Commercial Lending Leads, and Home Builder Leads.

Web based Surveys Design, Deployment and Analytics

Q. Do you provide sample Survey Templates?

A. Yes, the survey software system includes sample survey / questionnaire templates. You can design, create and save your own custom survey templates for your future use using the template editor.

Q. Can I send Email Invitations to survey takers (target audience)?

A. Yes. The system includes a comprehensive email campaign module to create and send out email invitations to the target audience (sample) and campaign tracking module to track the delivery statistics.

Q. Can I set up Drip Email Triggers to send Survey Invitation as the subscribers signup?

A. Yes. Extensive filtering mechanism coupled with drip email messages can be leveraged to send survey invitations and reminders to the target audience.

Q. How many Question Types are available in the system to satisfy my Survey requirements?

A. The survey software includes a number of question types (open ended, closed ended, rating, ranking, image, video link, etc.) to meet the survey designer's requirements. Please see the Web Survey Question Types section for more detailed information.

Q. How many Data Collector Types are available for deployment of surveys on the web?

A. Web URL Link, Pop-un Script, Email Invitations, and Manual Data Entry (for paper / phone based surveys) are supported in LeadPro 24|7.

Q. How many Data Collectors can be setup for each Survey?

A. There is no limitation. Any number of survey data collectors can be defined (in each collector type) to deploy each survey.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of Panel Member or Respondent Lists stored in the system?

A. No, there is no limit. You can define any number of Panel Lists and Survey Taker lists per your requirement. Also there is no limit of addresses or records per List. Extensive email list management features of the system can be beneficially used for survey panel member maintenance.

Q. What are the Survey Analytics reporting features available in the Survey Solution?

A. Detailed Real-Time reporting is available in the Survey Management module. Key reports are presented in graphical format for easy and quick interpretation. Survey Results, Summary Responses, Individual Responses, TURF Report, and Cross Tab Analysis are some of the reports included in the Survey Analysis Reporting module. The reports provide extensive drill down functionality to look up granular level data.

The report data (such as survey responses and results summary) can be downloaded to your PC in Microsoft Excel format for further analysis and export to other applications.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of Panel Member or Respondent Lists stored in the system?

A. No, there is no limit. You can define any number of Panel Lists and Survey Taker lists per your requirement. Also there is no limit of addresses or records per List. Extensive email list management features of the system can be beneficially used for survey panel member maintenance.

Email Marketing

Q. Why should we use LeadPro 24|7 for email marketing instead of our in-house or corporate email systems?

A. Adhering to the best, emailing practices takes significant time and specialized efforts. It helps you follow CAN-SPAM regulations. We also develop relationship with Internet Service Providers for managing the black listing issues and work to achieve a high deliverability rate.

Q. Do you sell, lease or rent email opt-in addresses?

A. No, we do not Sell, Lease or Rent Email Addresses or Leads. You need to enter or import the email addresses used for campaigns. Generally, sign-up forms are used to collect opt-in subscriber information.

Q. Can we use email addresses rented from third parties?

A. The system does not allow this practice. You need to have your own email lists with permission to email. These could be your existing customers, subscribers who have signed in on your web sites, or your trade show participants who provided permission to email them.

Q. Can we use the Email Marketing System  for bulk mailing?

A. Yes, the platform is robust enough to support millions of emails. However, the application should not be used for sending SPAM or unsolicited emails for commercial purpose.

Email List Management

Q. Is there a limit to the number of lists stored in the system?

A. No, there is no limit. You can define any number of Lists per your requirement. Also there is no limit of addresses or records per list. However, the number of total email addresses depends on your subscription plan.

Q. How to classify the Lists?

A. The lists can be classified and maintained by List Sources and List Types; both are definable by you as required.

Q. Does the list contain only email address? Can it include postal address and other custom info (such as demographics)?

A. The list can have Email Address as well as postal address information. User defined fields (or custom fields) can accommodate other customer specific data.

Q. Should I create a separate list for each campaign?

A. No. Lists are NOT tied to specific campaigns. Full or partial lists or multiple lists can be used for campaigns.

Q. Does the system support customizable Sign-up Forms?

A. Yes. The sign-up forms and the web pages are completely customizable with your own branding and format.

Q. How many Drip Emails can be setup for a List in the system?

A. There is no limitation of Drip Email campaigns per List.

Campaign Creation

Q. Should a campaign be defined from start to finish at a stretch?

A. No. A campaign can be defined in stages and saved as necessary. This is a step by step process. You can work on defining multiple campaigns in parallel without any restrictions.

Q. How many lists can be used in a campaign?

A. There is no restriction of lists or records (addresses). Even partial lists can be used in a campaign.

Q. What are the features of Campaign / List Segmentation?

A. When importing addresses from lists for campaigns, multiple filtering criteria can be followed based on the requirements. Demographic data such as age, income, gender, and address (location) information can be used to segment the list and select the target audience for email campaigns.

Q. Is there a limitation of campaign timings?

A. No. The campaigns can be scheduled any part of the day. However, the delivery may be subject technical and ISP limitations.

Email Templates

Q. What email formats are supported by LeadPro 24|7?

A. The application supports HTML, Text and Multi-part MIME formats.

Q. Can we import our custom templates into the application?

A. Yes. You can import any external templates (as HTML code) and customize for use in the system. Also, you can modify / customize the existing templates.

Lead Reporting and Analytics

Q. What Lead Management related reports are available in the system?

A. LeadPro 24|7 offers an array of reports and analytics for Lead Management. The reports include Lead Analysis by Business Area, Lead Source, Lead Source Group, Lead Stage, Lead Status, and Lead Profile. Lead Pipeline, Dashboard and Agent Performance reports are also included. All key reports include graphical representation.

Campaign Reporting and Analytics

Q. What are the Campaign Management reporting features?

A. Several detailed reports and analytics are provided in the Campaign Management arena. Some of these include Campaign Delivery / Performance Summary, Campaign Analysis (Opens, Clicks, Forwards and Bounces), Top Domains, and Bounce Statistics. All reports data is downloadable to MS Excel spreadsheet. Drill down features are incorporated in all reporting modules, where applicable.

Enterprise Solutions and Services

Q. Do you provide enterprise support?

A. Yes. The enterprise services include branding, customization and channel management features. The system comes in three versions, namely Express, Professional and Enterprise. View the features of these editions on the Feature Comparison page.

Q. Do you provide API based access to LeadPro 24|7?

A. Yes. The enterprise customers are provided with API based on industry standard web services. The API is available for Lead Management, List Management and Campaign Management modules.

Q. Can we use the solution as an in-house (in-premise) tool?

A. Yes. We can license the Enterprise Version for your in-premise implementation. We provide training, branding, customization and implementation services to support the in-premise delivery model.

Q. Do you provide on going operations and maintenance support for the in-premise model?

A. Yes. We do provide operational, technical and marketing related services on an on going basis at additional cost, so that your team can focus on the business operations, prospects and customers.

Billing, Payments and Account Management

Q. What are the Payment Modes supported by the system?

A. All payments are made using Credit or Debit cards and processed via secure SSL processes. Monthly subscription payments are made in advance and no prorating is allowed.

Q. What is the Statement Period?

A. All statements are processed monthly. Please note that the monthly subscription payments are made in advance and can not be refunded, if the account is cancelled during the month. Monthly Payments payments are processed by the system automatically, unless the account is cancelled. When the accounts are upgraded or downgraded, the statement current period will be closed and a new statement period will be started from the same day.

Q. How do I upgrade my trial account to Paid Account?

A. Log in to the Email Marketing / Online Survey / Lead Management application and update the payment information with a valid credit or debit card and let the support team know via email.

Q. How do I get the refund for my unused account?

A. No refunds are made under any circumstances. No pro-rating is applied during your account upgrade or downgrade process. Hence, please make sure that your allotted volume is fully used before changing or cancelling the account.

Q. Can the account be cancelled any time?

A. Yes. The account can be cancelled any time during the statement period; however no prorating or refunds can be effected for the unused portion. All overage fees due will be charged through the credit / debit card on account immediately upon account cancellation.