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Email Marketing software is an important tool in the hands of the marketers in this internet era.

Email Marketing Automation Solution is also called as Autoresponder System by internet marketers and online marketing professionals. The cost of communication via email is pennies when compared with the traditional modes of marketing communications. Email marketing has become a complementary medium of modern, digital marketing. Email marketing is based on permission based marketing as opposed to email SPAM. Since the LeadPro 24|7 Email Marketing process consists of easy to understand and simple steps, any one with basic computer and internet knowledge can use it profitably to build email lists, nurture leads and increase sales.

Email Marketing Automation Autoresponder System

Email List Management

  1. Create a List: List a container to hold the email addresses and demographic information of subscribers or contacts. Provide basic information such as list name, select a list type, assign an owner to the list and save it.

  2. Add Email Addresses: The address information can be manually entered or imported from other sources or databases. The email address is a required data element in the address. Complete name and address information and other demographic data (such as age, gender, and income) can be included in the list. Custom fields can also be used to add any other specific information.

  3. Maintain Addresses: The addresses can be added / deactivated / updated any time. When subscribers opt-out of the email list using the Unsubscribe feature in the emails, the system automatically deactivates the respective addresses, so that emails will not be sent in future.

  4. Setup Sign-up Forms or Squeeze Pages: The email addresses of the subscribers or contacts can be collected by using opt-in based sign-up forms. The sign-up forms and emails can be customized or branded as required. The sign-up form can be linked to LeadPro 24|7 server or hosted on customers' web sites. The system supports both single opt-in and double opt-in methods of obtaining permission from the subscribers. This is an optional step.

  5. Define Drip Marketing Emails: LeadPro 24|7 Email Marketing includes a comprehensive Drip Email (also known as Event Triggered Email) feature. Drip emails are emails sent to the subscribers automatically by the system based on certain criteria (or triggers).  This is an optional step.

Email Campaign Management

  1. Create an Email Campaign: Provide basic information such as a name for the campaign, the group or category to which it belongs to and target audience description. The campaign setup information can be updated any time.

  2. Add Email Addresses: The email addresses can be imported from one or more lists maintained in the system.

  3. List Segmentation: Campaign segmentation can be performed by selecting the addresses from the lists using a variety of filters such as list type, list name, list owner, city, state, zip code range, age, and income range.

  4. Update Email Addresses: If required the addresses assigned to a campaign can be taken off the campaign before campaign delivery. Additional addresses can also be added.

  5. Email Design: Email messages can have template based content or your custom designed content can be uploaded. The emails can include contents in HTML, Text or both formats. In custom made emails, the images can be hosted in the system or in your own mail server.

  6. Personalization: Campaign email messages can be personalized by inserting data elements from the database in a dynamic fashion. This is similar to the Mail Merge feature found in word processing software. Typically first name is used in the salutation of the email.

  7. Campaign Finalization: All email related information such as from name, from email address, subject of the email, reply to email, and delivery schedule are provided at this stage. The campaign email can also be tested by inputting few test email addresses. The system will validate all campaign parameters and alert you if there are any issues with the campaign definition.

  8. Email Delivery: Based on the schedule, the system will deliver the campaign emails and update the campaign database with the results such as successful deliveries, and failures. The system will keep monitoring the bounced emails and resending the soft bounced emails based on the predefined business rules.

  9. Clicks and Unsubscribe Statistics: The system will constantly monitor the unsubscribe requests and click thru activities of the subscribers and update the database as required.

Campaign Reports - Email Performance Tracking

The success of email marketing is measured using the campaign performance tracking reports. LeadPro 24|7 provides several real-time reports for monitoring, tracking and reporting. The reports answer the following questions which include several key performance indicators.

  • Who were the recipients of email messages?
  • How many emails bounced? How many were soft bounces?
  • How many emails are invalid (hard bounces)?
  • Who were opening these messages?
  • How many recipients were reading the messages?
  • What were the most visited URL links (provided on the emails)?
  • Did they forward the emails to their friends? If so, how many of them did?
  • How many subscribers opted-out of the future emails? Did they say why?
  • Can we take a contact / subscriber address and track his / her actions based on one or more campaigns?
  • What are the top / bottom domains (based on email addresses) in the list or campaign?
  • When do the subscribers open / read the emails? What times / days?

For more details and take a look at the overview of these functions, please see Email Marketing Product Overview pages. Or request an 30 Day Email Marketing Free Trial account (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the service to see how it fits your requirements.

Information Documents
Please click here to download a copy of LeadPro 24|7 Email Marketing Automation information sheet in PDF format.

Please download a copy of Sales Lead Distribution and Management information sheet in PDF format.

You may also download a copy of Online Survey Questionnaire, Design, Data Collection Analysis and Management software information sheet in PDF format.