LeadPro 24|7 - Email Marketing Features

LeadPro 24|7 helps filling the gaps and integrating all your sales and marketing processes including web site content management, business intelligence and customer relationship management. The solution offers a host of features with easy to understand user interface and functions to satisfy the business needs of every business. Following is the summary of Email Marketing solution features. Please visit the Email Marketing Feature Comparison page for a detailed list of features in various editions of the solution.

Integrated eMarketing Solution

LeadPro 24|7 is an integrated eMarketing solution with extensive features in the areas of  Email List Management, Opt-out and Bounce management, targeted and personalized email campaigns, Drip Emails, Email Delivery Tracking, Survey Design and deployment, Survey Results Analysis, Lead Capture, Lead Distribution, Lead Management, Reporting and Analytics. No more problems dealing with multiple systems and applications to service the prospects and leads. Every action delayed in following up a prospect is a lost sale. Hence integrating the functions in a single application helps the marketing and sales teams to increase the conversion rate.

Email List Management

The system consists of a comprehensive list management module. It is not restricted to email lists; you can manage the complete addresses of multiple lists. This helps providing a single point of view, unlike several other email marketing applications in the marketplace. In addition to the basic demographic information, several Custom Data Fields can be defined for each list in order to capture business specific data.

The lists can be tied to multiple business areas, product lines, lead sources, categories and types for segmentation and management. Each list can also be tied to a business owner for management purposes. The lists can be manually entered, imported from external files (such as XLS, CSV, MS Access, ASCII, and XML) or interfaced with your enterprise and CRM systems. Email List Management is also used for Survey Panel Member Management.

Sign-Up Forms Management

The system includes an extensive Sign-Up forms management module, which helps custom sign-up forms for obtaining permission based email addresses from subscribers. The forms and related emails can be customized based on your requirements. The sign-up process supports both Single Opt-in and Double Opt-in (also known as confirmed opt-in) methods of signing up subscribers. The sign-up forms can be linked from LeadPro 24|7 website or hosted on your own websites.

Drip Emails / Event Triggered Emails

Email Marketing includes advanced Event Triggered Email feature to send follow-up emails to the subscribers. This feature is also known as Drip Emails. Unlike other services which provide basic feature such 'send email after x number of days', LeadPro 24|7 provides multifaceted filters to trigger the follow-up email based on the profile of the subscriber or campaign activity based behavioral data.

Campaign Definition and Management

This module includes email campaign definition, addition of addresses, mapping one or more (full / partial) lists to the campaigns, extensive filters to segment the lists and target audience, flexible scheduling of the campaign, email templates definition (see below), campaign validation and delivery, and campaign reporting. Images required for the emails can be stored in the Image Library and hosted on the system servers or linked as URLs from your web servers.

Email Templates and WYSIWYG Editor

Email Template management module provides a variety of easy to use, flexible features. The templates can be classified into multiple categories and uses. An extensive template definition module is incorporated into the system. Inbuilt templates provided with the system can be used without any programming. If you are an experienced user, you can customize the existing layouts and import your own external email layout templates. For editing and designing HTML emails, the in-built WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor can be used.

Data can be obtained from the campaign database and merged with the outgoing emails for personalization and target specific contents.

Several HTML templates are provided as free samples. These system templates can be used to create quick, neatly formatted professional looking HTML email messages for your customers and prospects.

Extensive Reporting and Analytics

The biggest drawback of the applications used today are the lack of intelligent reporting for day to day management and analytics for strategic management. The email marketing system provides an array of easy to understand reports. The reports are available in real time. The same data can be looked at from different perspectives depending on the business requirements. The report data can be imported to your local system for further analysis and use. The reports use extensive slice and dice and drill down features.

Analytical reports are provided in summary formats with drill down options. Key analytics (opens, clicks, bounces, forwards) reports are provided with graphic representations (such as bar charts, pie charts and trend charts).

State of the art Technology Platform

While the system is comprehensive in domain processes and best practices, it does not lack in using cutting edge technology. The user interface is based on the Microsoft platform using Web 2.0 and Ajax concepts, the back end uses advanced database systems such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Hence whether you intend to use it with a few thousand of leads and addresses, or millions of records the system can handle it with ease and efficiency.

Subject Matter Experts with Sales and Marketing Domain Knowledge

The system is designed, developed, supported and continuously improved by the sales and marketing domain experts at Anagha Group. Our SMEs add enormous value in terms of streamlined business processes and best practices in eMarketing and Sales Lead Management.

Enterprise Customer Services and Full Service Option

LeadPro 24|7 includes advanced web services based API to integrate with your in-house systems or third party systems. We also provide white labeling and tenant branding features. We provide configuration, customization, integration, training and support services to the enterprise customers.

 We work with your business and IT teams to seamlessly integrate the system with your enterprise infrastructure and applications, if you prefer to go with the in-premise licensing and implementation model. Our team can even extend operational support (such as data loading, data cleansing, exception handling, front-end web site development, and monitoring) on an ongoing basis.