LeadPro 24|7 - Email Reports and Analytics

Email Marketing includes a wealth of Reports and Analytics to track Email Campaigns. Reports include Email Opens, Click-Thrus, Bounces, Opt-outs and Forward Statistics.

Email Marketing solution includes a wealth of tracking, reporting and analysis features. The reports include List reports, Email campaign reports, and Usage metrics reports.

Email Marketing Reports are packed with features such as drill down reporting, slice and dice reporting, custom data columns, and extensive graphic representation for easy interpretation of results. Reports data can be downloaded to excel spreadsheet for further analysis and reporting. All reports include extensive filter / search features.

Multiple email lists or campaigns can be combined and reports generated for getting a big picture of the email marketing. Individual campaign activities such as Email Opens, Clicks, URLs, Bounces and Forwards can be viewed and downloaded.

Domain Analysis based on Email Addresses

Campaign Performance Tracking
The success of email marketing is measured using the campaign performance tracking reports. LeadPro 24|7 provided several real-time reports for monitoring, tracking and analysis. The reports answer the following questions which include several key performance indicators.

Activity Trend Report
  • Who were the recipients of email messages?
  • How many emails bounced? How many were soft bounces?
  • How many emails are invalid (hard bounces)?
  • Who were opening these messages?
  • How many recipients were reading the messages?
  • What were the most visited URL links (provided on the emails)?
  • Did they forward the emails to their friends? If so, how many of them did?
  • How many subscribers opted-out of the future emails? Did they say why?
  • Can we take a contact / subscriber address and track his / her actions based on one or more campaigns?
  • What are the top / bottom domains (based on email addresses) in the list or campaign?
  • When do the subscribers open / read the emails? What times / days?

Following are some of the reports available in LeadPro 24|7 Email Marketing:

  • List Reports
    • List Analysis (by Domain)
    • List Activity Detail Report
    • List Summary Report
    • Opt-in Report
    • Opt-out Report
  • Campaign Reports
    • Campaign Snapshot
    • Campaign Summary Report
    • Campaign Analysis Report
    • Domain Analysis Report
    • Campaign Activity Report
    • Email Open Statistics Report
    • Opt-out Report
    • Email Bounce Report
    • Click-Thru Summary Report
    • Click-Thru Details Report
    • Email Forwards Report

For more details and take a look at the overview of these reports, please visit Product Overview pages.

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Information Document

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