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Email Marketing Software can be used to publish Newsletters, send Invitations and Lead follow-up. It helps to measure the effectiveness of email campaigns by tracking email opens, click thru's, bounces, opt-outs and forwards.

Email Marketing Software is leveraged by the online marketers and interactive marketers to increase the ROI in Marketing. Email Marketing is very cost effective when compared with traditional marketing media such as TV Ads, Print Media and Direct Mail Advertising. There are a number of providers offering Email Marketing Software in various modes.

Types of Email Marketing Software Solutions

Email Marketing can be carried out in multiple ways. Installable software based model is one of them. In this model, suppliers provide the software and the users need to install in on your computer servers. Initial investment, maintenance, upgrades and operations costs are significantly high. Hence most of the customers shy away from this model of email marketing.

Most widely used and popular model of email marketing is using a subscription based software solution. This is also known as On Demand service. In this model, the email model marketing software is developed and hosted by the Email Service Providers (ESP). Maintenance and upgrades are taken care of by the service providers. The users login to the software using the Internet. LeadPro 24|7 is one of the leading Email Marketing Software, provided as an subscription based on-demand service.

LeadPro 24|7 Email Marketing software solution helps to Design, Create, Publish and Track email newsletters. Both text and HTML email newsletters can be created using the in-built editor. Email newsletters help to educate and inform the prospects and engage the customers. Free trial, List management, opt-out management and extensive analysis features can be leveraged to reduce the marketing costs and increase the ROI. Advanced features such as Subscriber Sign-up forms, Drip emails and Google Analytics integration is also available with LeadPro 24|7 email marketing.

Integrated with Lead Management and Online Surveys

LeadPro 24|7 Email Marketing is also integrated with Sales Lead Tracking and Management and Online Survey features. If you are generating / capturing leads using the internet, the leads can be managed easily and followed-up using email marketing campaigns in LeadPro 24|7. Customers such as Home Builders, Contractors, Remodelers, Mortgage Originators and Lenders, Real Estate professionals, Law firms and various other industries can leverage the integrated solution to increase the marketing ROI.

For more details and see how LeadPro 24|7 can be used to create, send and track email newsletter campaigns, please visit Product Overview pages. Or request a Free Trial (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the Lead Email Marketing software provided as an on-demand service to see how it fits your requirements.

Information Document

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