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Email Marketing for Corporate Newsletters, eZines, Product Announcements, Feature Updates, Lead Nurturing, Survey Invitations and Customer Engagement.

The main usage of email marketing tools and services is creating and sending email newsletters. LeadPro 24|7 Email Marketing solution helps to Design, Create, Publish and Track email newsletters. Both text and HTML email newsletters can be created using the in-built editor. Email newsletters help to educate and inform the prospects and engage the customers.

email newsletters

Benefits of Email Newsletters

  • Generate Leads
  • Educate the Prospects
  • Inform the Prospects
  • Nurture the Leads
  • Promote Products and Services
  • Engage the Customers
  • Seek Feedback
  • Up-sell / Cross-sell
  • Reinforce the Brand
  • Drive Traffic to your website (landing pages)
  • Send Event Invitations
  • Send Event Reminders

Types of Email Newsletters

Email newsletters can be of various types depending on the purpose and format of the contents. In technical terms, email newsletters can be in Text, HTML (rich text) or both formats.

In content terms, email newsletters can be as simple as an event invite or as lengthy as an electronic magazine. When creating an email newsletter care should be exercised to provide a balance of text and images. Each newsletter should ideally have the following characteristics:

  • Heading or Title summarizing the contents
  • Calls To Action (multiple)
  • Links for the web resources (in order to reduce text on the newsletter)
  • Good balance of pictures and text
  • Email Subject to reflect the newsletter contents

Creating Email Newsletters

email newsletters

Email Newsletters can be created in the system using the
inbuilt HTML and text editors. Standard sample HTML
templates (known as System Templates) are also available in system. Users can create their own templates (known as Custom Templates) and store it for repeated usage in future.

If the newsletter content (in HTML) is created using other tools outside of the system, the HTML code can be copied and pasted into the editor (in Source or HTML mode).

Contents available in the previous email campaigns can also be copied and used while creating a campaign email layout in LeadPro 24|7.

Email Newsletters can also be personalized using the database tag insert feature (similar to mail merge) of the system. For example, using "Dear John" (where John is the first name of the customer) instead of "Dear Customer" will be more effective and personal.

For more details and see how LeadPro 24|7 can be used to create, send and track email newsletter campaigns, please visit Product Overview pages. Or request a Email Marketing Free Trial Account (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the service to see if it fits your requirements.

Information Document

Please click here to download a copy of LeadPro 24|7 Email Marketing information sheet in PDF format.