Dealers, Distributors, Sales Channels

Lead Routing, distribution and delivery to dealers, distributors, sales agencies and other channels is a breeze with LeadPro247. Alerts via emails, SMS Text messages. Access, track and manage with back office lead retrieval system.

  • Automate sales Lead Capture, Collection, Qualification and Distribution processes.

  • Capture and aggregate Leads and Prospect Inquiry information from:
    • Corporate web sites and landing pages

    • Contact Us signup forms

    • Brochure / Catalog requests

    • Sample requests

    • Telephone calls

    • Trade shows

    • Third party lead providers (via Import or API interfaces).

  • De-dupe duplicate leads, Group associated leads.

  • Qualify leads before using the lead router engine using automatic rules or manual review by lead administrators in the marketing area

  • Assign to responsible distributors, dealers, sales agencies or sales representatives at each sales office using automatic Lead Distribution / Routing Engine or manual process.

  • Use one or more routing rules: Round Robin, sales territory / geography, aerial mileage distance from prospect zip code location, etc. 

  • Provide email alerts in real time with iPhone and other smart phone optimized format to inside sales, field sales force and sales channel partners.

  • Provide SMS Text Messaging based alerts based on prospect actions and follow-up activities.

  • Manage Sales Areas, Territories and Regions (using zip codes, partial zip codes, counties, states, etc.).

  • Follow-up through phone calls, and emails.

  • Track Fulfillment of marketing materials, brochures, samples, etc.

  • Engage and inform the prospects and existing customers with Email Marketing Campaigns.

  • Send newsletters, special offers, event invitations, etc. using email blasts with pre-defined templates.

  • Schedule Advanced Drip Email Campaigns to deliver marketing and lead nurturing messages at specific intervals for targeted prospects with personalized emails.

  • Track email opens and click thru activities using extensive email campaign statistics reports.

  • Manage and track sales Leads - Alerts, Reminders, Log Follow-up Activities.

  • Monitor lead follow-up activities with simple, graphically represented reports.

  • Provide back office lead retrieval access for dealers, distributors, sales agencies and other channel partners

  • Increase Sales Conversion rates and close more deals.

  • Maximize ROI on your Marketing dollars.

For more details and see how LeadPro247 can be used to capture, distribute, nurture, track and manage sales leads, please visit Product Overview Tutorial pages. Or request a Lead Tracking System Free Trial (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the service to see how it fits your business lead management requirements.