Home Builders

LeadPro247 helps Home Builders to Sell more homes by Capturing Sales Leads, proactively managing, and tracking. Email Marketing helps nurture prospects by engaging and informing them via event triggered Drip Emails and Convert to Sales.

LeadPro247 is an integrated Email Marketing and Lead Tracking and Management, and Online Survey software service suitable for Home Builders. Specially configured features and reports are available for use by Corporate office and Sales Offices. If you are a large / national builder organization, please contact us for specific workflow setup, configuration and assistance.

  • Capture Lead and Prospect information from your corporate web sites, telephone calls, walk-ins at sales offices (registration cards) and trade shows and third party lead providers.

  • Assign to responsible sales agents at each sales office.

  • Follow-up through phone calls and emails.

  • Engage and inform the prospects with Email Marketing Campaigns (at community / sales office level or corporate head office level).

  • Send newsletters, special offers, event invitations, etc. using email blasts with pre-defined templates.

  • Schedule Drip Email Campaigns to deliver messages at specific intervals.

  • Track email opens and click thru activities using extensive email campaign statistics reports.

  • Manage Leads - Alerts, Reminders, Log Follow-up Activities.

  • Monitor lead follow-up activities with simple, graphically represented reports.

  • Convert more Leads to Sales.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction.

  • Maximize ROI on your Marketing dollars.

LeadPro247 can support multiple roles such as Sales Office or Lead Administrator, Sales Agent and Corporate Administrator.

If you are using Google Analytics to measure web traffic on your corporate and marketing websites, you can leverage the LeadPro Google Analytics integration feature to measure and relate your email marketing campaigns.

For more details and see how LeadPro247 can be used to manage sales leads, please visit Product Overview pages. Or request a Free Trial (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the service to see how it fits your requirements.