Lead Distribution, Routing and Delivery Software Solution integrated with Buyer Back Office System

Lead Generation companies, Ad Agencies and Digital Marketing Service Providers can use LeadPro 24|7 Lead Distribution and Delivery software system to capture internet leads and deliver real time and aged leads to Lead buyers and clients. You can integrate lead vendors / providers, process payments and lead return credit requests, provide back office system access for lead retrieval and post leads to lead buyers' database systems.

Lead Distribution Software Solution for Lead Companies

LeadPro 24|7, a comprehensive lead distribution software solution, supports automatic lead routing as well as manual distribution processes. Extensive Lead Routing Rule definition features are provided by the Lead Distribution Engine. Some of the automatic lead distribution and routing parameters used by the LeadPro 24|7 lead distribution engine are:

  • Geography - Country, State, County, Zip Code, Partial Zip Code, Area Code, etc.
  • Lead Profile Type
  • Any other combination of Lead Profile / Properties
  • Round Robin method
  • Pricing
  • Client / Order Priority
  • Product or Service or Business Area
  • Lead Source / Group
  • Lead Provider / Vendor / Affiliate
  • Insurance Carrier
  • Exclusivity (Exclusive, Semi-Exclusive and Non-Exclusive leads)

Lead Distribution System Features

If you are a National Marketing Agency Organization or an Internet Lead Generation and Distribution Service Provider, LeadPro 24|7 provides an array of features and services to address your lead aggregation, routing and distribution requirements. The following key features are available for internet lead generation and distribution companies:
  • Lead Buyer profile setup and maintenance
  • Industry / vertical specific Lead Profiles
  • Lead Order processing
  • Real Time Lead Delivery via Email / SMS Text / Fax / API / Back office
  • Aged / Bulk Lead Sales and Delivery
  • Payment Processing for Lead orders (using your own Merchant Account / Payment Gateway)
  • Credit Request Approval processing
  • Lead sales and delivery statistics reports
  • Back Office System for lead buyers (to track and manage their leads)
  • White labeling (optional)

Lead Types and Industry Verticals

Following are some of the Lead Types that could be managed using the LeadPro 24|7 internet lead distribution and management software solution:

  • Insurance Leads (Auto, Life, Health / Medical, Home / Property, Long term care (LTC), Boat, RV, Motorcycle, Renters, Business / commercial, Annuity, etc.)
  • Automotive Leads
  • Auto Warranty Leads
  • Mortgage Lending, Home Equity Leads
  • Real Estate Leads
  • Higher Education Leads
  • Loan Modification Leads
  • Student Loans leads
  • Debt Settlement Services
  • Satellite TV Leads
  • Business Opportunity (Biz Op) Leads
  • Credit Repair Leads
  • Credit Card Leads
  • Home Security Leads
  • Home Remodeling / Contractor Leads
  • Legal Services Leads

Organizations such as Insurance Agencies, Real Estate Agencies / Agents, Mortgage professionals and Loan officers can distribute and track internet leads and leverage online surveys to obtain feedback from prospects and customers. Please see the industry specific lead management information pages for more details.

For more details and take a look at the overview of the Internet Lead Distribution functions, please see Web Lead Distribution Software Overview Tutorials pages. Or request a Free Trial (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the service to see how it fits your requirements.

Lead Distribution Information Documents

Here is a short brochure on Lead Distribution Software System from LeadPro247.

You may also download a copy of LeadPro 24|7 Internet Lead Distribution, Delivery and Management software information sheet in a PowerPoint slide presentation format.

If you are a lead company or just planning to get into Internet Lead Generation and Distribution business, here is a brief overview guide for lead generation and distribution software practices.

Take a look at the detailed list of features of Lead Distribution System in this feature comparison document (in pdf format).