Lead Distribution - Multiple Payment Processing and Tracking Methods

Lead Payments can be processed from your Lead Buyers using multiple methods. Prepaid, Post paid, Auto payment, Per lead, Per order payment methods are supported by Leadpro 24|7 lead distribution system. You may also handle the payments outside of the system.

For Lead Generation companies, Lead Distribution softtware helps to capture leads and deliver real time and aged leads to the lead buyers and clients. The payment processing and tracking system is integrated with the lead system for seamless payment handling. Automation of payment processing will help reduce a lot of manual work relieving you to focus on lead generation and customer acquisition.

LeadPro 24|7, a comprehensive lead distribution software solution, supports off-line as well as on-line payment processes. Credit card payments can be processed using your own merchant account and payment processing gateway accounts. The lead system stores the credit card information in encrypted form in highly secured database.

The following are some of the payment processing gateways supported:

  • Paypal / Verisign PayFlowPro
  • Authorize.Net

Payments can be processed / captured from the lead buyers in several ways, depending on the industry vertical you are operating and your business processes.

  • Accept and process full payment in advance for the full order value during the order placement
  • Accept and process a fixed amount in advance and then capture additional amounts when the balance falls below a certain threshold (ex. 90% is used)
  • Capture the cost of one lead, when each lead is distributed and delivered in real time.
  • Capture payments from the credit card at a fixed interval (ex. nightly, weekly).
  • Avoid processing and accounting payments (handle it manually, outside of the system)
  • Enter manual payments (checks, wire transfers, etc.) in the system and deliver leads until the balance is exhausted

The payment processing module can be used by all lead distribution agencies. Following are some of the lead types and verticals that can be managed using the LeadPro 24|7 internet lead distribution and management software solution with or without payment tracking:

  • Insurance Leads (Auto, Life, Health / Medical, Home / Property, Long term care (LTC), Boat, RV, Motorcycle, Renters, Business / commercial, Annuity, etc.)
  • Automotive Leads
  • Auto Warranty Leads
  • Mortgage Lending, Home Equity Leads
  • Real Estate Leads
  • Higher Education Leads
  • Loan Modification Leads
  • Student Loans leads
  • Debt Settlement Services
  • Satellite TV Leads
  • Business Opportunity (Biz Op) Leads
  • Credit Repair Leads
  • Credit Card Leads
  • Home Security Leads
  • Home Remodeling / Contractor Leads
  • Legal Services
  • Home Appliance Warranty Leads
  • Dental Services
  • Cosmetic Surgery and Services
  • Medical Spa Services
  • Accounting Services
  • Tax Preparation Services

For more details and take a look at the overview of these functions, please see Lead Distribution Software Overview pages. Please feel free to contact us to discuss about your specific requirements. Or request a Free Trial (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the service to see how it fits your requirements. We will custom configure the system for business specific needs.