LeadPro 24|7 Lead Tracking and Management System Pricing Guide
Express Edition  

Professional /
Agency Edition

  Enterprise Edition
$150 / month $495 / month $995 / month
5 Users 10 Users 25 Users
10,000 Leads & Emails 100,000 Leads & Emails 250,000 Leads & Emails
500 Survey Responses 5,000 Survey Responses 10,000 Survey Responses
Support: Email only Support: Email & Phone Support: Email & Phone
For small and medium organizations, non-profits / charities, educational institutions, franchisees, insurance agents, realtors, mortgage firms, etc. For advertising agencies, marketing service providers, event planners / organizers, franchise system owners, and similar organizations. For medium and large organizations, franchisors, marketers, etc.

The pricing for LeadPro 24|7 varies with the following parameters: Lead volume, Number of Users, Email volume, Survey responses, Custom Tracking requirements, Lead Clients, Interfaces, and components and features (compare the lead distribution, tracking, management features here) required for each business. 

Note: Maximum # of Email + Lead counts and Survey Response counts provided above are 'per month'. Beyond the maximum count, email + lead overage rates will be computed and billed in multiple of 1000s; no pro-rating or partial counts. Prices are subject to change. All fees are prepaid monthly; no refunds please! We do not Sell, Lease or Rent Email Lists. LeadPro 24|7 is monthly subscription based Software Service.

Setup, customization, legacy data cleansing and loading, lead data migration, sales territory data loding, enterprise systems / CRM integration, and custom web sites development, if required, are NOT INCLUDED in the above prices.

Custom services and client specific enhancements can be provided based on a monthly flat fee or on the actual volume of work. Full Service, Operations and Professional service options start at $500 Per Month. You can focus on building and growing your business! We take care of the technical operations including lead capture forms integration, landing page optimization, validations at the front-end, custom interfaces, lead capture and flow monitoring, etc.

Fax / SMS Text messaging for lead delivery is priced at 5 cents to 10 cents / message based on the volume.

Online Lead Verification add-ons are available for Lead Companies and organizations involved in lead generation and sales. The monthly fee for the Lead Verification is $200, which includes verification for 300 leads. Additional fees are based on number of transactions and monthly volume. The per lead fee varies from 22 cents to 35 cents depending on the number of lead verification calls and the third party integration / service provider used.

Additional user fees are based on the number of users required; we offer tiered pricing ranging from $20 - $45 (per user, per month) depending on the subscription level and volume.

LeadPro 24|7, an integrated Lead Capture, Distribution, Tracking and Management, Drip Email Marketing, and Online Surveys software solution, includes a variety of functions and features to satisfy the business requirements of various types of organizations and industry segments. All features may not be required by all organizations. Hence pricing varies with the activated features of the respective edition. The pricing structure (monthly charges) outlined on this page can be used as a sample / guideline. Let us know your specific requirements and we will work out a suitable subscription and service plan based on your specific needs. 

For not-for-profit organizations and charitable institutions (against proof of status), LeadPro 24|7 is available at 15% discount from the listed price.

For educational institutions (against proof of establishment and standing), LeadPro 24|7 is available at 15% discount.

For customers who signup for annual prepaid plans, 10% discount on the list price will be extended.

Large organizations needing in-premise licensing and implementation services may please contact us for a detailed requirements assessment and custom service plans.