Lead Management Software Solution for Small/Medium Sized Businesses

Lead Tracking and Management Software helps filling the gaps and integrating all your sales and marketing processes by providing required tools for the marketing team, inside sales team and field sales team. Sales Lead Management functions of LeadPro 24|7 solution include Lead Capture from multiple sources, Lead Ranking or Scoring, Qualification and Assessment, Lead Assignment / Routing / Distribution and Routing, Lead Follow-up tracking and advanced Lead Analysis and Reporting. Lead Tracking and Management module can be used independent of the List management and Email Campaign management modules. Please use the links on the right to explore these features.

Lead Tracking and Management
Prompt qualification of leads, Faster sales cycles, and prompt follow up are the three primary objectives of Lead Distribution, Tracking and Management process. LeadPro 24|7 software system helps to achieve these objectives leveraging the Automated Online Marketing processes such as drip email marketing campaigns and automated Lead Distribution Engine with significant cost savings to small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs.

Lead Analysis by Product and Business Area

Lead Customization, Personalization, Targeting, Segmentation

Lead Analysis by Lead Source Report

Features of LeadPro 24|7 Lead Distribution, Tracking and Management Solution
  • Sales Leads can be captured from multiple channels or sources into the Lead Management system manually or imported from your internal / enterprise databases or automatically captured from any other external sources (Lead Providers such as LendingTree, LowerMyBills, NetQuote, InsWeb (AgentInsider), InsureMe, ASAPQuotes, AllwebLeads, InsuranceLeads.Com, etc).

  • Industry / business segment specific Lead Journal Profile Definitions for Auto / Home / Life / Health / Business / Renters Insurance Leads, Mortgage leads, Real Estate Leads, Debt Settlement Leads, Education Leads, Builder Leads, etc.

  • Lead Scrubbing, validation and online verification for better Quality Leads

  • Leads can be pulled by Sales Agents from a common queue using the PULL method of Lead Routing supported by the lead routing engine.

  • Leads can be organized by Business Area, Product Line / Service, Lead Journal and Lead Source. This categorization features helps managing the leads efficiently and obtaining detailed reporting for operations and management.

  • Leads can be qualified by a Lead Qualification team prior to Distribution to the sales agents / team.

  • Leads can be distributed or assigned manually or automatically based on several criteria such as Lead Source, Lead Profile (authority, budget, timeline, etc.), and Geography (State, County, Zip code, etc.). Leads can also be assigned using Round Robin process. This is known as PUSH method of lead distribution.

  • Region, Sales Areas / Territories, Sales Agents and Channel Partners.

  • Leads can be followed up, tracked and monitored until Closing / final disposition.

  • Channel Partners can also access the system and see the lead information pertaining to their respective areas.

  • Distributed leads can be sent to fulfillment purposes, if required. The fulfillment agents (internal / external) can in turn provide fulfillment updates to the system.

  • Leads can be nurtured and followed-up using integrated Email Marketing campaigns. See Lead Nurturing page.

  • Sales data can also be imported and / or updated against the respective lead records.

  • Integrated Online Surveys Software module to get feedback from prospects and customers.

  • Optional services such as automatic, Intelligent Dialer integration to connect to the leads and DNC (Do Not Call) List compliance by scrubbing lead data.

Lead Reporting and Analytics
Detailed real-time reporting is available in the Lead Management module. Key reports are presented in graphic format. Lead Analysis by Source, Business Area, Sales Area, and Territory reports provide extensive drill down functionality. The report data can be downloaded to your PC in Excel format for further analysis.

Lead Management Services from LeadPro 24|7
Lead Management is a much wider area than simple distribution and tracking. Anagha Group provides the entire range of services in the lead management area. Depending on the customer requirements and business scenarios (B2C or B2B) the services and solutions can be customized. The service portfolio includes the following activities.

  • Email Marketing Software Service
  • Design, Development and Hosting of Web site forms such as Sign up, Opt-Out, and Auto-responders
  • Prospect / Lead Profiling
  • Lead Qualification, Lead scoring and Lead Distribution, Lead Nurturing
  • "Lead to Sales" process automation
  • Survey Software Tool - Research and operations services
  • Integration with CRM / CLM systems using web services (XML) based API

For more details and take a look at the overview of these functions, please see Email Marketing and Lead Management Software overview pages. Or request a Sales Lead Tracking Free Trial Account (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the service to see how the LeadPro 24|7 Lead Management system fits your business specific requirements. Tips, tricks and best practices are discussed in Lead Management Resources and Best Practices Blog.