Lead Distribution / Lead Routing / Lead Assignment

Flexible, configurable internet Lead Distribution Software Engine for automatic routing / assignment of Leads to Internal Sales team members and Distribution to External Lead Buyers.

Sales Lead Distribution (also known as Lead Routing or Lead Assignment) is a critical step in the lead tracking and management process. The qualified leads should be passed on to the sales channel (call center agents, inside sales reps, field sales reps, dealer or franchisees, or Lead Buyers) at the earliest possible opportunity for follow-up.

For Lead Generation companies, Lead Distribution helps to capture leads and deliver real time and aged leads to lead buyers.

LeadPro 24|7, a comprehensive lead distribution software solution, supports manual distribution process as well as automatic lead routing processes. Extensive Lead Routing Rule definition features are provided by the Lead Distribution Engine.

Some of the automatic routing parameters used (for lead assignment to sales team) are:

  • Geography – Country, State, County, Zip Code, Partial Zip Code, Area Code, etc.
  • Product or Business Area
  • Lead Source / Group
  • Lead Provider / Vendor
  • Lead Journal Type
  • Any other combination of Lead Profile / Properties
  • Round Robin method

The leads can be assigned to the following sales entities. These sales entities can be defined by any of the geography factors mentioned above.

  • Sales Region
  • Inside Sales Rep / Area
  • Sales Area / Agent / Representative
  • Franchise / Dealer Territory / Distributor
These entities can be mapped to any other sales organization structure depending on the business requirements.

Organizations such as Insurance industry specific lead management information pages for more details.

If you are National Marketing Organization Internet Lead Generation and Distribution Service Provider, LeadPro 24|7 provides an array of features and services to address your lead aggregation, routing and distribution requirements. The following key features are available for internet lead generation and distribution companies:

  • Lead Buyer Profile setup and maintenance
  • Industry Specific Lead Profiles
  • Lead Order Processing
  • Real Time Lead Delivery
  • Aged / Bulk Lead Sales and Delivery
  • Payment Processing for Lead orders (using your own Merchant Account / Payment Gateway)
  • Credit Request Approval processing
  • Lead sales and delivery statistics reports
  • Back Office System for lead buyers (to track and manage their leads)

Following are some of the Lead Types that could be managed using the LeadPro 24|7 internet lead distribution and management software solution:

  • Insurance Leads (Auto, Life, Health / Medical, Home / Property, Long term care (LTC), Boat, RV, Motorcycle, Renters, Business / commercial, Annuity, etc.)
  • Automotive Leads
  • Auto Warranty Leads
  • Mortgage Lending, Home Equity Leads
  • Real Estate Leads
  • Higher Education Leads
  • Loan Modification Leads
  • Student Loans leads
  • Debt Settlement Services
  • Satellite TV Leads
  • Business Opportunity (Biz Op) Leads
  • Credit Repair Leads
  • Credit Card Leads
  • Home Security Leads
  • Home Remodeling / Contractor Leads
  • Legal Services

For more details and take a look at the overview of these functions, please see Email Marketing, Surveys and Lead Management Software Overview pages. Or request a Free Trial (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the service to see how it fits your requirements.