Lead Follow-up

Log, track and monitor Lead Follow-up Activities such as Drip Emails, Phone Calls and Status Updates.

Lead Follow-up is the most important process area in the Sales Lead Management domain. Lead follow-up results in conversion of prospects into customers. Based on the follow-up activities, the leads rank or lead score and lead status can change. Lead Conversion rates can be improved significantly by following up the leads and not letting them fall through the cracks.

For example, if a prospect agrees for an in-person demonstration of a product, then there is a greater percentage of conversion possibility. On the other hand, if a prospect refuses to return phone calls or does not respond to the emails, then the prospect’s interest may be low and hence the rank / score could be lowered.

In addition to the traditional follow-up activities such as telephone calls, personal visits, quotations and proposals, the email / web based activities are also of great importance in the current scenario.

For example, a message sent via an email campaign is opened, read and clicked by a prospect, the interest level can be considered high. If the emails are never opened, the scores on account of these activities will be very low.

Note that LeadPro 24|7 provides comprehensive tracking and performance statistics for email follow-up campaigns delivered via the system.

Information Document
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