Lead Nurturing

LeadPro 24|7 helps to Nurture Cold / Warm Leads with Drip Email Marketing, Convert to Hot Leads and Increase Sales Conversion rates.

Many marketers focus only on HOT leads and often miss long term conversion possibilities of warm / cold leads. Lead Nurturing helps to groom the prospects who are not ready to buy immediately.

In addition to the traditional follow-up activities such as telephone calls, personal visits, quotations and proposals, the email marketing / web based activities are also of great importance in the current marketing scenario with internet leads.

With integrated email marketing features inbuilt into the Lead Tracking and Management service, Lead Nurturing is much easier and painless.

Drip Emails or Sequential Email Messages can be sent to specific groups of prospects based on the sales stage, lead status or even the specific profile properties of the lead. The email campaigns can be targeted to the desired groups based on the behavioral activities  of the prospect.

Unlike in the past, prospects do lot of research on the websites initially and come back to later when they need to buy a service / product. Keeping in touch with them and engaging those long terms leads with email marketing does not cost anything!

When the nurtured leads are converted to customers, they tend to be more loyal as they familiar with your organization / products.

Prospects can also be contacted for feedback, comments and suggestions using Online Survey module integrated into the system.

Information Document
Please download a copy of LeadPro Lead Distribution, Tracking and Management information sheet in PDF format.

For more details and take a look at the overview of these functions, please see Email Marketing, web based Surveys  and Lead Management Product Overview pages. Or request a Free Trial Account (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the service to see how it fits your requirements.