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Welcome to the newsletter service from LeadPro, the Permission based Email Marketing and Lead Management service offered by Anagha Group. We hope you would find a few minutes to browse through the contents and links to various resources. In each issue, we focus and provide details on one issue, concept or LeadPro solution feature. Any industry developments with respect to the eMarketing technology, business practices, regulatory requirements and success stories would be also be highlighted.

List Management practices for effective Email Marketing
Email Management solutions and services from Anagha Group helps you create prospect / customer lists from internal and external sources, cleanse and scrub the list data, manage them effectively, design and schedule email campaigns, track click thru and forwarding activities, and analytics reporting.

As an integrated eMarketing platform, LeadPro suite of tools provide a complete set of data gathering, list management, opt-out management, design of email newsletters, promotional announcements and event invitations, email campaign management, reporting and analysis functions.

Sources of Lists

The sources of your email lists could be from internal lists of the organization or external. Please note that you can not buy or rent the email addresses and use the list for email marketing through LeadPro. In order to be CAN-SPAM regulation compliant, the addresses should be based on the users' permission to email. 


Examples of internal lists are your existing customers, prospects who have participated in your earlier promotional programs (provided you have obtained permission to their email addresses for future campaigns. Another example of internal list source would be the list of names and addresses of the attendees of a trade show when they visited your booth. Internal lists are essentially obtained from your internal database systems within your organization.


The major source of email addresses used in eMarketing nowadays are obtained through the sign up pages of web sites including your corporate web sites, product web sites and promotional web sites. You can also manage the signup page using the LeadPro tool.

Permission based Marketing

Addresses obtained through the sign up web pages are based on the users' permission. Double opt-in process can also be followed to obtain an explicit permission from the user. However note that the volume of users or addresses will be much lower but the quality of the data will be much higher.


If you are using post cards and other print campaigns to obtain email addresses, make sure that their explicit permission is obtained.

List Categorization

Categorizing the list data would help you manage the lists easily. Campaign definition also would be much easier if you can easily the segment the target audience using the category. This practice will also help enforce the permission based marketing principle. Better opt-in (opt-out) management and targeted campaigns produce significantly higher results.

List Creation / Import

The lists can be created directly if you use a sign up web form. However, there is significant data available within the organization in other databases and application. Such data can be imported in to the LeadPro application using the simple interface. List data can also be entered manually into the LeadPro system. This would be very useful feature for small businesses who do not have required IT resources to create internal systems.

List Contents

While the list should have the email address of the user or subscriber as the minimum requirement, additional demographic information such as name, address, age, gender, income range, product usage or purchase, promotional participation would help better segmentation of the audience. The contents of the list varies with the business requirements and campaign specific requirements.

List Maintenance

Note that the list is a 'living document' and hence needs to be maintained on a continuous basis. List quality is the most important factor in the return on email marketing. Opt-out and opt-in management are the most important facets of list maintenance practice.

Please Click here for more information on Email Marketing best practices including list management and email campaign design and delivery. Or contact us to request a customer centric marketing technology specialist to get in touch with your team for arranging a demonstration of the system functions.

Marketing Solutions
Anagha Group offers readily available software solutions in marketing, sales operations, loyalty programs and customer relationship management and customer service as well as custom built tools depending on the customer needs. The solutions can be customized and branded to the customers´┐Ż tastes and needs. All solutions are internet (web browser) based and provides extensive reporting and analytics features. To find out and learn more about these solutions and services, please click here.

Featured Stories
If you are a LeadPro client and would like to your case study to be shared with the user community in these pages, please let us know with a brief write up on your experience on how it helps your business . We would be glad to feature your thoughts.

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