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Increase Customer Retention using Online Surveys

Online Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition have become the buzzwords in recent years. The most ignored is the Customer Retention strategies. Cost of acquiring a new customer is very high, when compared with the cost of retaining a customer. Businesses continuously lose customers for various reasons. There is nothing wrong in losing some customers, as their requirements could have changed drastically. However, many of the customers look for basic customer service and small incremental updates for the products or services consumed by them. Online survey methodology can be gainfully employed to find out the customers' needs, issues, problems and solution requirements.

Why retain Customers?

As mentioned above, new customers do not come cheap. We are all familiar with the business practices of  telecom companies and cable companies. They are more eager to sign-up new customers and provide unsustainable benefits to them. Even if you are a long term customer, they give least importance. Even though they know that the cost of acquiring a new customer is very high!

But small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals have an edge over the large, mega corporations in retaining the existing customers in the internet dependent, consumer world. You can be flexible, nimble, and close to the customers. You can quickly change your style and adapt to the market requirements. Online Survey tool is a great addition to your marketing arsenal.

Online Survey Software for Customer Feedback

Once you know what the customers are complaining about or looking for in your sphere of services, you can update your products, services and processes accordingly. An online survey questionnaire can be designed and deployed on the internet in a matter of minutes. The most time taking step in the process is deciding the questions to be asked in the survey. The nature of questions, length of the questionnaire (i.e. number of questions), frequency of surveys, etc. are critical components of survey design and research.

Since the survey invitations can be easily sent using emails, you should not be sending too many surveys. Similarly, if you are serving different groups of customers, one single survey many not make sense. You should target specific segments and design separate surveys for each segment.

The following common principles should not be followed while thinking of customer surveys:

  • Right time

  • Right questions

  • Right questionnaire size

  • Right frequency

  • Clear, concise questions

There are several survey and poll solutions including free tools. It depends on what suits you. Do some research and decide what fits your business requirements. Explore the feasibility of using LeadPro247 online survey solution, if you are not using it already, for reducing customer churn and increasing customer retention rate.

About LeadPro

LeadPro247 is an integrated suite of Sales Lead Management, Online Surveys and Email Marketing solutions available as a subscription based on-demand service to small and medium business users.

LeadPro247 email marketing provides excellent analytics and performance measurement reports including email opens, URL clicks, bounces, domain analysis, email forwards, multi-campaign comparison and aggregate numbers, and opt-outs. It includes features such as comprehensive email list management function with demographic and custom fields, customizable sign-up form design, email personalization, extensive filtering for target marketing, HTML newsletter templates and inbuilt editor to create messages.

Sales lead tracking and management functions include lead capture, lead qualification / lead scoring, lead distribution and routing, lead nurturing with drip email messages, lead follow-up, and lead analysis reporting. The email marketing comes with support for reputation management services such as SPF, RDNS and DKIM to maximize email deliverability, and enterprise support services. Online survey module can be used to get feedback from prospects, customers, employees and business partners such as vendors, suppliers, distributors, retailers and other sales channels.

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