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Internet Lead Generation and Real Time Distribution

Lead generation companies and service providers' primary objective is to distribute the leads to the right lead buyer at right price in the shortest possible time. Major companies in the lead generation industry have built their own systems and technologies to handle the issues and achieve the objective. They also invest heavily in upgrading their systems as the internet platform grows. Building and maintaining such systems is a costly and time consuming exercise. Small and medium sized internet generating firms are not in a position to afford the budget in terms of money and time.

Lead Capture and Distribution software systems built on subscription based on-demand model is a great boon to such lead generation companies. The systems can be up and running in days, if not in hours. The model is also highly scalable as the organization grows with more lead buyers and lead volume. The entire operations can be automated, so that you can focus on generating leads and selling leads.

Very Low Investment

With the on-demand based lead distribution systems, such as LeadPro247, there is virtually no up-front investment. The monthly fees are paid based on lead volume and number of lead buyers hooked up to the system. Interfaces with lead vendors and lead buyers systems can be established quickly with relatively very low fees.

Features of Lead Distribution Solutions

Some of the key features available in the lead distribution and management systems are:

  • Lead capture from multiple sources and landing pages

  • Lead capture from Lead Vendor systems

  • Integration: Form Post method

  • Integration: Web services based API method

  • Multiple lead profiles for various verticals

  • Verticals such as Mortgage, Refinance, Insurance (health, life, long term care, auto, home, etc.), Debt Settlement, Satellite TV, Higher Education, Real Estate, etc.

  • Real Time leads distribution

  • Aged / Bulk leads distribution

  • Lead Buyer / Client maintenance

  • Real Time alerts via custom email templates

  • Online Payment processing

  • Multiple payment methods: Pre-paid, Per lead, Per order, Daily, Monthly, Threshold based auto payment capture

  • Multiple payment gateways (Authorize.Net, Verisign/PayPal, Google Checkout, etc.)\

  • Credit Request approval process

  • Daily, monthly lead limits for real time leads

  • Extensive lead filters (geography, profile filters)

  • Lead Management Application login for lead buyers

  • Drip Email Marketing feature for lead buyers

  • Sales Rep Commission computation and payments

  • Lead capture statistics

  • Lead delivery statistics

  • Profitability reports

If you are up and coming lead generation service, leveraging such as lead distribution software system will give a big boost to your growth. And you don't need to make a long term commitment or big investment to give it a try.

About LeadPro247

LeadPro247 is an integrated suite of Sales Lead Management, Online Surveys and Email Marketing solutions available as a subscription based on-demand service to small and medium business users.

Sales lead tracking, distribution  and management functions include lead capture, lead qualification / lead scoring, lead distribution and routing, payment processing, lead nurturing with drip email messages, lead follow-up, and lead analysis reporting.

Online survey module can be used to get feedback from prospects, customers, employees and business partners such as vendors, suppliers, distributors, retailers and other sales channels.

LeadPro247 email marketing service provides excellent analytics and performance measurement reports including email opens, URL clicks, bounces, email forwards, multi-campaign comparison and aggregate numbers, and opt-outs. It includes features such as comprehensive email list management function with demographic and custom fields, customizable sign-up form design, email personalization, extensive filtering for target marketing, HTML newsletter templates and inbuilt editor to create messages.

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