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Subject Line Design for Email Marketing

Very few email marketers spend time on the Subject Line of an email message, but it is the most important factor taken into account for an effective email campaign. From the technical deliverability perspective as well as the email open rate perspective, subject line plays a critical role and helps increase the ROI of email campaigns.

Impact on SPAM Scores and Deliverability

As we all know, emails are delivered (to the inbox or junk mail box) or blocked based on the Spam Score computed by the email delivery servers. Lower the score, better the deliverability rate. Email Subject line is one of the contributors to the spam score.

When determining the spam score, the spam filters (such as SpamAssassin) take a close look at the subject line of the email. Take a look at the page listing tests performed by SpamAssassin and pay attention to the tests starting with �SUBJ�. The spam scores assigned range between 1 and 3. When a subject line is designed, you should make sure that all these tests are passed, so that the score can be kept to zero. Note that these tests and scores vary based on the tools / software used by email servers and ISPs.

Impact on Email Open Rates

Assuming that you have designed a technically good subject line and able to deliver to the inbox, what is the probability of the recipient opening the email? Research indicates that the subject line plays a crucial role in this area. About 60% of the recipients decide whether to open an email or not based on the subject line.

General Guidelines

Here are some general guidelines to follow while deciding the subject line:

  • Keep the subject line length to less than 50 characters
  • Avoid spammy words (FREE, free, guaranteed, as seen on, Hello, pounds, dollar amount, Buy, etc.)
  • Do not use special characters (such as single or double exclamations, pound sign, dollar sign, multiple questions marks, etc.)
  • Do not include an address on the subject line
  • Do not use spaced text (ex. s p a c e d)
  • Do not use all capitals (ex. GREAT OFFER FROM MEGA CORPORATION)
  • Create the curiosity to open; do not up spell out the deal upfront, if you are providing offers
  • Test with multiple subject lines for small groups, before launching a major email campaign

Let us take a look at the email content design and how it affects the spam score and in turn impacts the email deliverability rate in a future issue.

About LeadPro

LeadPro is a suite of email marketing and lead management tools available to subscribers as an on demand service. LeadPro provides excellent analytics and performance measurement reports including email opens, URL clicks, bounces, domain analysis, email forwards, multi-campaign comparison and aggregate numbers, and opt-outs. It includes features such as comprehensive email list management function with demographic and custom fields, customizable sign-up form design, email personalization, extensive filtering for target marketing, HTML newsletter templates and inbuilt editor to create messages. LeadPro comes equipped with reputation management services to maximize email deliverability, and enterprise support services.

Please take a look at feature comparison page or product overview page for more information and email marketing best practices. Also, our blog sites (LeadPro and Web Analytics) have lots of information on email marketing, lead management, online survey management and web analytics.

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