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Sign-up Forms Design, Customization and Maintenance

Setting up and managing Sign-up Forms constitute the very basis of Email Marketing practice. As every email address used in the email marketing communication has to be obtained with explicit permission (opt-in) of the email address owner, over 80% of the CAN-SPAM compliant businesses use Sign-up Forms as the primary mode of obtaining email addresses and building subscription lists.

While most of the email marketing solutions provide some sort of facility to setup sign-up forms, not all of them look professional and perfect. Since the businesses do not see these forms and messages very often, they do not have a chance to find the inadequacies. The only obvious screen that is visible is the primary sign-up form; beyond this step everything happens in the background and hence the marketer does not spend much time in reviewing and fine-tuning the same.

Sign-up Methods

Opt-in and Double Opt-in are the most widely used methods to capture the sign-up information from the subscribers. The following formats are involved in these processes.



Sign-up Form Web page layout, which is visible to everyone (when sign-up button is clicked)
Thanks You Page Web page layout, which is visible to the subscriber only, in case of double opt-in method
Confirmation Request Email Email message sent to the subscriber only, in case of double opt-in method
Confirmation and Thank You Page Web page layout, visible to the subscriber only, in both the methods
Thank You and Welcome Email Email message sent to the subscriber only, in case of both methods

There may be minor variations in the process steps. But most of the service providers processes should fit into this scheme. A marketer should be able to customize all of these communications. This can be achieved very easily even without hosting all of these processes in your own web site.

Even the default layouts provided by Email Marketing Services as such as LeadPro might be more than enough to address the requirements. However it is essential to review all of these layouts for content and make modifications to meet the needs. The modifications (i.e. customization) need not be cosmetic or visual. The content is more important than the visual layout and color scheme.

For instance, we have personally tested and reviewed sign-up email communications and confirmation pages of several businesses. Many of them are just one-liners which the subscriber may not even understand or relate to it and will end up as junk emails. It is important to mention the name of the organization and the list name (if applicable) so that the subscriber can relate and get assurance that the emails are genuine.

Privacy Policy Reminders

Another important aspect is to remind the subscriber that their email addresses will not be spammed, sold or rented. It should be reinforced in every possible opportunity that they can unsubscribe at any point in time in future. An example is pointing out that the Unsubscribe link is provided in the footer of every email communication sent by LeadPro service.

Even when the marketer uses his own web site (in lieu of email service provider�s signup facility), every care must be exercised to include the relevant content in the sign-up forms on the web site and related email messages.

To take a look at the Sign-up Form customization features offered by Anagha Group�s LeadPro Email Marketing service, please signup for a free trial. If you are an existing customer spend a few minutes and review the sign-up forms and email message layouts used in your list management process.

Happy Marketing!

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