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Online Survey software has become a great asset for the marketers in this internet centric world. In the past, using a survey as a market research and feedback mechanism is not an option for many small businesses and entrepreneurs. You have to either hire professional agencies by paying a hefty sum or use your own marketing department, buy costly survey software, learn the ropes, plan and execute the survey and analyze the results. Of course, you can just totally depend on your gut feeling!

Internet based Survey Software solutions has brought a great relief for the marketers and companies. With very little efforts and cost, surveys can be designed, deployed and results analyzed. If you know what you are looking for from the survey, then you can design and launch a survey in a matter of minutes!

What can you do with Online Surveys?

Online surveys can be used in almost all aspects of a business. Here is how:

  • Get feedback from Prospects. Convert more leads to Customers by listening to them and fine tuning your messages, products and services.

  • Retain Customers. An existing customer is much more valuable than finding a potential customer. Use customer satisfaction measurement surveys and service satisfaction surveys to offer the right products, right service levels, and right prices for more products.

  • Motivate Employees. Unless you are a home based or one person company, you will be dealing with employees. They are your face to the customers and prospects. A motivated employee can sell more, satisfy more customers and increase profitability. Use Employee Feedback surveys to solicit feedback, opinions and suggestions.

  • Motivate Business Partners. If you are in business, then you are dealing with business partners, even if you are a one person company! You depend on suppliers, outsourcing service providers, dealers, distributors, resellers, affiliates,  and others. Use online survey software and get their feedback to help improve the services offered by them.

Survey Types

Online survey software can be employed for carrying out a number of surveys useful for businesses, nonprofit organization, educational institutions and academic research community. The following are some of the widely used survey  types:

  • Customer satisfaction Surveys

  • Incident response surveys

  • Service satisfaction surveys

  • Patient satisfaction surveys

  • Consumer Product research surveys

  • Marketing research surveys

  • Market and product research surveys

  • Employee / enterprise feedback surveys

  • Nonprofit surveys

  • Academic research surveys

  • Government and municipal surveys

  • Student surveys

Benefits of Using Online Survey Software

The prime reason for using an online survey software is that the total cost (or investment) involved is relatively low and hence can be used by anyone. Here is a summary of benefits of using an online survey software solution.

  • Up and running in a very short time

  • No up-front investment as there is no need to buy any hardware or special software

  • Very little learning curve

  • Flexible question types to accommodate all business requirements

  • Use links to video, images, etc.

  • Survey can be paused / stopped / restarted / cancelled as required

  • Survey can changed / updated if required, since the results are visible immediately

  • Results can be seen as the audience take survey

  • Real Time data analysis

  • Graphical reports

  • Survey Invitations and reminders through email campaigns

  • Consumer survey panels management using email list management features

  • Segmentation and targeting to address specific survey audience

If you have not experimented with an online survey tool, please head to the LeadPro247 website and request a free trial. There are several online survey products in the marketplace. Roll up your sleeves and get into the trenches.

About LeadPro

LeadPro247 is an integrated suite of Sales Lead Management, Online Surveys and Email Marketing solutions available as a subscription based on-demand service to small and medium business users.

LeadPro247 email marketing provides excellent analytics and performance measurement reports including email opens, URL clicks, bounces, domain analysis, email forwards, multi-campaign comparison and aggregate numbers, and opt-outs. It includes features such as comprehensive email list management function with demographic and custom fields, customizable sign-up form design, email personalization, extensive filtering for target marketing, HTML newsletter templates and inbuilt editor to create messages.

Sales lead tracking and management functions include lead capture, lead qualification / lead scoring, lead distribution and routing, lead nurturing with drip email messages, lead follow-up, and lead analysis reporting.  Online survey module can be used to get feedback from prospects, customers, employees and business partners such as vendors, suppliers, distributors, retailers and other sales channels.

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