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Lead Routing and Distribution Methods using LeadPro Lead Management Solution

The most critical function of any Sales Lead Management system is to distribute the leads captured (or aggregated) to the right sales person for prompt follow up. This is a great time saver for internet centric small businesses and entrepreneurs. Lead Distribution (also knows as lead routing) can be efficiently carried out using intelligent rules based on various parameters.

Time To Distribute Leads

It is essential to distribute the lead or prospect information to the respective sales agent as early as possible from the time of lead acquisition. Newer the leads, higher the chances of conversion. Lead Management system such as LeadPro provides multiple methods and options to distribute the leads depending on the business scenario.


The method is to be selected based on the specific business case; it can not be generalized, as every business is unique from the marketers' perspective. For example, if only few leads are acquired in a day by a business and the same are passed to two different sales representatives based on the product line, then there is no need to maintain a queue and use the pull method. The leads can be automatically pushed to the sales team as and when these leads are captured.

If a business uses a large call center environment (for marketing and follow-up) and large number of leads are acquired in real time through various sources / lead channels, then pull method of distribution can be considered. In other words, the agents can pull the leads from the central queue when they are ready handle the next case.

As a general rule, when small, responsible teams are involved, leads can be PUSHed to them in real time based on the routing rules. Similarly, when travelling sales men are involved, then automatic PUSH method is the most suitable method as the leads can be pushed to them via Text Messaging or Email messages to their smart phones (such as Blackberrry, iPhone, etc.).

Pros and Cons

Each method of lead routing / distribution has its own merits and demerits. For example, when PULL method is employed, the leads need not be re-distributed multiple times. Hence each organization should weigh in the benefits and adopt a suitable process.

Lead Routing Rules

Modern Lead Management Systems, including LeadPro, comes with flexible lead routing engines where complex rules can be predefined. If you are leveraging internet for lead generation and marketing, it is essential to use these features in order to increase the conversion rates and reduce the sale cycle time.

In addition to the traditional lead routing parameters such as demographic profile, time frame, budget and authority, online behavioral activities such as Email Opens, Website Visits, and URL Clicks can be used in the routing engines.

Manual Lead Assignment

Sales Leads can also be assigned to the sales people using a manual vetting process. In many small organizations, the Lead Administrator will do the job of pre-screening and qualifying the leads and then assign the same to a suitable sales person. LeadPro supports this manual lead assignment process too.

About LeadPro

LeadPro is an integrated suite of Email Marketing and Sales Lead Management solutions available to small and medium business users as a subscription based on-demand service. LeadPro provides excellent analytics and performance measurement reports including email opens, URL clicks, bounces, domain analysis, email forwards, multi-campaign comparison and aggregate numbers, and opt-outs. It includes features such as comprehensive email list management function with demographic and custom fields, customizable sign-up form design, email personalization, extensive filtering for target marketing, HTML newsletter templates and inbuilt editor to create messages. LeadPro comes with support for reputation management services such as SPF, RDNS and DKIM to maximize email deliverability, and enterprise support services. LeadPro lead management functions include lead capture, lead qualification / lead scoring, lead distribution and routing, lead nurturing with drip email messages, lead follow-up, and lead analysis reporting.

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