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Campaign Management Reporting and Analytics

The very purpose of sending email messages is defeated, if the campaigns are not monitored, measured and tracked. A good email campaign management solution should provide a good number of scenario views from all perspectives of the marketers. The reporting should answer questions such as:

  • Who were the recipients of email messages?
  • How many emails bounced? How many were soft bounces?
  • How many emails are invalid (hard bounces)?
  • Who were opening these messages?
  • How many recipients were reading the messages?
  • What were the most visited URL links (provided on the emails)?
  • Did they forward the emails to their friends? If so, how many of them did?
  • How many subscribers opted-out of the future emails?

  • Can I take a contact / subscriber and track his action based on one or more campaigns?
  • What are the top / bottom domains (based on email addresses)?
  • When do the subscribers open / read the emails? What times / days?

Email Marketing Solutions such as LeadPro provide a host of Email Campaign Tracking and Reporting features. Some of the reports and metrics included are:

Campaign Management Reports and Metrics

  Campaign Snapshot
  Campaign Summary
  Campaign Analysis
  Domain Analysis
  Campaign Activities

Reporting Features
All reports should be easy to understand and incorporate multiple filters. Each business user might look at the same report from different perspective. Hence summaries and drill downs should be provided at all levels. In the detail level, the business user should be able to pick and choose the data columns necessary, as all columns need not be presented in all reports. The most important of all the features is the facility to download the data presented in the reports to a spreadsheet, so that the user can conduct further analysis. A nice-to-have feature of the reporting is having an opportunity to look at the data in graphical representation such as a pie chart or bar chart.

Campaign Snapshot
This report would provide a complete picture of a campaign including campaign properties such as the email subject, who sent it, what lists were used, when it was delivered, how many emails were bounced, how many subscribers opened the messages, who clicked on the links provided in the message, which links were visited, how many forwarded the email and lastly, but most important, how many opted-out of the future emails. Pictorial representation of the activity trend would be a plus.

Campaign Summary
All campaigns (or message broadcasts) will be summarized with the high level numbers such as emails sent and the status of the campaign. Drilldown down would help obtain the details email details.

Campaign Analysis
This report analyzes the campaign performance in terms of number of emails sent, bounced emails, opens, clicks, forwards, and opt-outs. Each of these numbers can be drilled down and details viewed or downloaded. The campaign snapshot can also be viewed for each of the campaigns listed in the report.

Domain Analysis
For B2C (business to consumer) marketers, this is the most important report. Based on the email addresses, the domain can be analyzed to understand the target population. The analysis can be performed for one campaign or multiple campaigns joined together. Performance can be tracked for top or bottom domains.

Campaign Activities
This report constitutes a detailed activity statement for one or more campaigns. The activities can be tracked second by second as it happened. Future campaigns can be planned and fine tuned based on the activity trends.

LeadPro Campaign Management Reporting

To take a look at the Campaign Management and Performance Reporting features offered by Anagha Group�s LeadPro Email Marketing service, please signup for a free trial. If you are an existing customer spend a few minutes and review the reports available and see how you can leverage these reports to increase the ROI in email marketing.

Happy Marketing!

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In addition to LeadPro Email Marketing and Lead Management solutions, Anagha Group provides the following sales, marketing and customer management oriented technology solutions and on-demand services. For more information on these services please give us a call at 1-877-9-LEADPRO.

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