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September 2009 - Revamp your Social Media Marketing Strategies. Take a relook at your lead generation strategies. Social media plays a great role in your online marketing efforts.
August 2009 - Automation of Lead Capture and Distribution for Lead Generation Companies. Real time capture, evaluating lead buyer offers and instant delivery are critical components for a successful lead generation company. Automating the lead generation and lead distribution processes along with payment processing, credit approvals and profitability analysis will be a great asset.
July 2009 - Insurance Lead Distribution for National Insurance Marketing Agencies. Capturing insurance leads (generated through the internet) from multiple lead providers in real time and distributing the leads to various independent insurance agents is a time consuming and error prone process. Master these processes with LeadPro247 lead distribution and tracking solution.
June 2009 - Insurance Lead Buying and Lead Provider Integration. If you are an insurance agent and buying internet leads provided by the third party lead providers, integration of your lead management system and the providers' lead generation system is a key requirement to manual entry, save time, and become a top producer.
May 2009 - LeadPro247 for Lead Tracking and Management Service Providers If you are a marketing service provider with focus on lead capture, lead qualification, lead tracking, nurturing and management, LeadPro247 lead tracking solution will be a great tool in your marketing toolbox.
April 2009 - Survey your customers online. Use customer feedback to fine tune your products and services. Sell more and make more profits.
March 2009 - Online Surveys for Smart marketers. Convert more prospects. Retain existing customers. Motivate employees and business partners.
February 2009 - Get more for your marketing Buck. Beat the recession with proactive marketing practices and smart lead generation, tracking and management strategies.
December 2008 - New Year Resolution for your Business Growth. Over 70% of the sales leads are never followed up. Follow-up leads promptly and see the sales increasing.
November 2008 - Handle the Recession with proactive eMarketing. Leverage online Marketing Automation strategies to reach more prospects, nurture more sales leads and close more sales deals. Increase ROI on marketing spend.
October 2008 - Lead Routing and Distribution Methods. Sales Leads can be routed and distributed to the sales people using traditional PUSH method. Or leads can be pulled by sales agents using the PULL method.
September 2008 - Use Email Parsing to reduce manual Input. Many businesses get sales leads via several sources and channels. If the leads are  delivered as Email Messages then Email Parsing method can be employed to reduce the manual input of subscriber / lead information.
August 2008 - LeadPro247 Agency Edition for Advertising Agencies and Marketing Service Firms. With support for multiple clients, multiple users and centralized account administration.
July 2008 - Leveraging Drip Emails to automate marketing messages. Sales prospects / leads can be nurtured with drip email messages (autoresponders) sent automatically by the system based on preset rules and triggers.
June 2008 - Integrate the marketing automation with other business systems. Web Services based API can be leveraged to integrate multiple lead generation and marketing systems (internal and 3rd parties) and avoid duplicate manual efforts.
February 2008 - Does your business need Email Newsletters? Provides an overview of  advantages of email marketing communications via newsletters. Read newsletter...
January 2008 - Unsubscribe and retain your List Subscribers. Implementing effective unsubscribe rules and processes helps retaining the subscribers and growing the list in the long term. Read newsletter...
December 2007 - Subject Line Design for Email Marketing. Takes a look at the Email Subject Line design considerations when planning an email campaign. Read newsletter...
November 2007 - Email List Definition and using Custom Fields. Provides an in depth look at  Email List Definition and custom fields management. Read newsletter...
September 2007 - Campaign Performance Analysis and Metrics Reporting. Provides an overview of reporting features required for effective email campaign tracking and management. Read newsletter...
August 2007 - List Management Reporting. Provides an overview of reporting features necessary for effective email list management. Read newsletter...
July 2007 - Sign-up Forms Design, Customization and Maintenance. Provides tips for Subscriber sign-up forms design and maintenance. Read newsletter...
June 2007 - LeadPro247 Product Features Summary. Provides an overview of the email marketing and lead management suite of services. Read newsletter...
May 2007 - Sales Lead Management features. Provides a detailed list of Lead Management features such as lead capture, import, lead scoring and nurturing, lead routing and distribution and lead tracking and reporting functions. Read newsletter...
April 2007 - Effective use of Email List Management practices. Provides a detailed account of list management best practices and how to leverage LeadPro247 list management functions to maximize the return on investment in email marketing campaigns. Read newsletter...

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