Press Releases

Here is a list of recent press releases related to LeadPro 24|7 Sales Lead Management and Distribution, Online Surveys and Drip Email Marketing software service from Anagha Group. Please click on the respective link below to view the contents of the release. For detailed product information, additional resources and best practices, click on the links on the right panel.


LeadPro 24|7 Lead Distribution, Tracking and Management software service announces Text to Speech feature to deliver Lead information via Voice (cell phone) to the sales agents. LeadPro 24|7 has tied up with VoiceButton to provide Text to Speech services to its customers.


LeadPro 24|7 Sales Lead Tracking and Management software service integrates SMS Text messaging feature to deliver Leads in real time to lead buyers and sales entities.


LeadPro 24|7 service has launched a blog resource dedicated for Insurance Lead Management, named Insurance-Leads-Management.Com, for the benefit of the insurance service provider segment. Insurance professionals such as agents, brokers, and lead providers will find these resources useful. The site will include tips, tricks, guidelines, industry trends and developments, internet lead generation related articles, etc. for the insurance service industry.


LeadPro 24|7 service releases Lead Generation Distribution solution to serve the needs of Internet Lead Generation and Distribution companies and Lead Buyers. A blog resource dedicated for Lead Distribution Software and related solutions, named Lead-Distribution-Software.Com, has also been established for the benefit of the lead distribution and sales industry segment. The site will include tips, tricks, guidelines, industry trends and developments, lead generation related articles, etc.


Anagha Group, provider of LeadPro 24|7 sales lead tracking, distribution, management and online marketing solutions, honored as TiE Midwest Top 20 award winner in the TiECon 2009 annual conference in the Software category.


LeadPro 24|7 Lead Tracking service announces availability of industry specific configuration for Mortgage firms and Loan Officers. The lead capture, assignment / distribution of leads to Loan Officers and lead follow-up processes can be automated using the LeadPro 24|7 system. Loan officers would be able to accept more applications and close more mortgages leveraging the automatic routing, drip email messaging and follow-up tracking features available in the lead routing and tracking system.


LeadPro 24|7 announces direct integration with Insurance Lead provider services. Insurance Agencies and national marketing organizations can gain significant benefits by reducing manual data entry, automated lead distribution / assignment, and improved lead tracking features available in LeadPro 24|7. Health, LTC, Auto, Home / Property, Business and Annuity leads can be purchased from insurance lead providers and directly captured by the system.


LeadPro 24|7 introduces multiple web resources for the benefit of the small and medium businesses involved in online marketing.,, and blogs form part of the resource series planned as part of the web 2.0 initiatives.



LeadPro 24|7 Drip Email Marketing and Sales Lead Management service adds Email Parsing feature to import Sales Leads and Email Subscription data directly from Email messages received from websites, third party lead generators, web publishers and internal application systems.


LeadPro 24|7 Email Marketing and Sales Lead Management service introduces Conversion Tracking feature to track lead conversions, get unified campaign performance reporting, reduce costs and measure ROI for Advertisers, Ad Agencies, Lead Generation Services, Web Publishers and other enterprise customers.


LeadPro 24|7 Email Marketing and Lead Tracking Management service releases Advanced Drip Email features for sending autoresponders or follow-up emails to email subscribers and prospective customers.


Anagha Group releases Advanced Web Services based API for integrating Enterprise Systems with Email Marketing and Lead Management.


Email Marketing and Lead Management Service adds Customized Sponsor Notifications (for Advertisers) feature in subscriber sign-up module.


LeadPro 24|7 integrates with Google Analytics Tracking into its email marketing and lead management suite of services to aid conversion tracking and campaign effectiveness.

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