Email Marketing and Lead Management Service adds Customized Sponsor Notifications feature.

Customers of Email Marketing and Lead Management service can now leverage its newly released feature of customized Sponsor Notifications to provide instant updates to advertisers, affiliates, and partners to reduce the wait time between lead qualification and follow-up.

Troy, MI, April 3, 2008 -  LeadPro 24|7, a division of Troy based email marketing, lead management and marketing technology services firm, announced the availability of Customized Sponsor Notifications feature. Customers can leverage this feature to provide instant updates to their Advertisers, Affiliates, Clients and Partners.

Customers using the subscription based LeadPro 24|7 Email Marketing and Lead Management service can set up linked or hosted custom sign-up forms and customize the same to suit their business requirements such as Newsletter Subscription and Lead Origination on behalf of their clients. Each sign-up form can be tied to a List Owner for tracking and management purposes and associated with one or more sponsors.

When the subscribers sign-up, the profile of the lead / subscriber can be notified to the sponsors associated to the list by instant email notifications. The sponsor notifications can also be customized or personalized with custom database tags. This feature helps to forward only the relevant profile or demographic information pertaining to the lead to the sponsors.

Lead Management suite customers can leverage this new feature from LeadPro 24|7 to service their customer better and increase the ROI. This would also enable the subscribers get the service fast as their requirements are passed on to the suppliers immediately. This feature will also improve the efficiency of Lead Qualification and Routing processes. While large sponsors can use web services based API, smaller sponsors prefer email based instant notifications so that they can qualify the lead and perform follow up tasks as necessary.

Enterprise Edition Customers will avail the Sponsor Notification feature free of cost. Express Edition customers can choose it as an optional feature. Businesses such as lead generation firms, advertising and marketing agencies, list management and distribution companies, and lead qualification services can use this LeadPro 24|7 feature profitably. More information on the service can be obtained from http://www.LeadPro247.Com or via email from Sales@AnaghaGroup.Com.

About LeadPro 24|7

LeadPro 24|7, a division of Troy based Anagha Group, provides the entire range of services in email marketing and lead management domain. Since the tool is an integrated database, customers can capture leads, organize email campaigns with professionally designed HTML and text email newsletters and promotions, track the results and measure the campaign effectiveness and get a unified view of their prospects and clients.

With no commitments or long term contracts, customer can utilize the 30 days trial period to test drive the service before signing up for the pay-as-you-use subscription service. Enterprise level customers can avail custom services and configuration support for integrating lead management and email marketing.

Anagha Group is a marketing and sales technology services provider. Other services provided by Anagha Group include event operations and administration solutions, and membership management, event registration, payment processing and analytic solutions.

For more information on LeadPro 24|7 Email Marketing and Lead Management service features and implementation services, please email us at PR@AnaghaGroup.Com or call 1-877-9-LEADPRO.