Email Design Considerations

As email users are getting more technology savvy and software and internet / email service providers are enforcing more stringent procedures while delivering emails, it is increasingly getting difficult to deliver the commercial email to the recipients. The email delivery rates keep fluctuating. Continuous improvement in email design and delivery management processes have become prerequisites of successful email marketing campaigns and communications.

HTML or Text Email
This is one question all email marketers have struggled with in the past. While over 90% of the email users prefer to have their emails delivered in HTML format, the small percentage of other users can not be ignored. Hence using a multi-part email formatted campaign is the preferred one. The email server delivers the HTML or Text email content based on the receiving systems capabilities.

If you have obtained the users preference while getting the permission (opt-in or sign-in), then the required preference should be used. See HTML or Text Email - Which is best section for more information on this subject.

Email Subject Line
Majority of the email users take a decision about the email (whether spam, junk or acceptable) based on the subject line of the email. Hence, even if the email is delivered successfully, there is no guarantee that the user will open the mail and read the contents. The subject line should be short (ideally less than 50 characters), meaningful and clear. See discussion on email subject line design considerations.

Image Blocking by Email Software
Leading software including MSN Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail and Yahoo Mail block the display of images in the body of the HTML formatted emails. If large number of images are used, there is a high percentage of chance that the recipients will not unblock the images and read the emails. Hence a good amount of text should be used within the body of the email message, so that the mail will make sense, even without the image display enabled.

Presence of too many images may distract the recipient and the email may be skipped or deleted totally.

Words / Phrases to be Avoided
The email systems and service providers filter and block the emails based on the contents in the subject line and message body. The emails may be totally blocked or delivered as Spam to the junk mail folders. Hence it is a good practice to avoid such words and phrases in the email while designing the email campaign.

The words filtered by Microsoft Outlook are listed here. This shows how important it is to review the emails and create the content before scheduling the delivery.

Email Templates
If HTML emails are preferred, you may use the readily available email templates for newsletters, invitation, corporate communications, promotional offers and other emails. Or you may prefer to create your own HTML layouts and contents. LeadPro 24|7 supports both the options.

CAN-SPAM Compliance
Unsubscribe link option or information should always be included in the email. Physical address as well the 'from' parameter should be used.

Inclusion Links
Usage of Links to web pages should be leveraged. 'Forward to Friend' option should always be used. The whole email contents can also be placed on a web site and a link provided at the top. This helps the recipient to read the message on a web page, without enabling the image display in the email software.

Please download a copy of LeadPro 24|7 Lead Management and Email Marketing and solution data sheet in PDF format.