Finding New Customers with Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the most widely used Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising program used by marketers and lead generation businesses all over the world to  generate sales leads from the internet. Finding new customers with Google AdWords is quick and easy, provided you know the rules of the online lead generation game.

As the terminology Pay Per Click indicates, you pay Google for each click by your potential customers. You have the total control of the advertising program when PPC is used. You can design your own web advertisements to be displayed, setup daily budgets, and specify the maximum bid that you can pay per each click. You can also pause or restart the ad campaigns whenever you desire.

The following steps are involved in setting up and running a PPC ad campaign:

  1. Establish a Google AdWords account. You can sign-up an account for free.
  2. Login and design text advertisements to be displayed along the Google search results.
  3. Include the website link where the prospects should land after clicking.
  4. Enter keywords or key phrases.
  5. Specify your per click bid and maximum daily budget.
  6. Google will approve your ads after review.

The steps are same for pay per click campaigns on other search engines MSN Bing and Yahoo. The basic rules might vary slightly but the overall process is same.

Lead Generation with PPC

While it is easy to generate leads with PPC such as Google AdWords, if you don't know how to design, select the keywords, price and execute, you might lose tons of money! Hence, do the ground work and make sure that you are following the industry best practices. Otherwise, you might very well leave the lead generation work to others and just buy the leads. However, you must fully understand the process of lead generation through PPC, so that you can use that knowledge to evaluate your lead providers and sellers and quality of leads provided by them.

The key component of internet lead generation through PPC is the design of landing pages. Unless the landing pages convert at reasonable rates, you will quickly waste your lead generation budget in useless clicks.

PPC Best Practices

In order to reduce the cost of leads and increase the quality of leads, you must use the best practices. Though there are tons of materials on the web for free and at cost, the information may be overwhelming! There are third party agencies which provide PPC services including Google AdWords, MSN AdCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing. Here is a check list:

  • Test the ads again and again, once you decide to use the PPC. There is no short cut.
  • Follow landing page design guidelines and best practices for maximum conversion
  • Deploy and test multiple landing pages to optimize results
  • Go slow initially, until your learn the tricks of the trade
  • Improve continually, as the rules of PPC are changing regularly
  • Track the results using a good ad tracking software tool
  • Use PPC service providers, but maintain vigil and control
  • Use more than one search engines
  • Explore content based ad campaign, if it is suitable for you
  • Use a lead capture and distribution system (such as LeadPro 24|7) to capture leads generated via PPC landing pages