Quality Vs Quantity - Proactive List Management

How NOT to lose Subscribers?

Since there is an easy mechanism for the subscribers to opt out of the email list per CAN-SPAM regulation provisions, it is critical to understand their requirements and manage the campaigns accordingly. Target Marketing and Campaign Segmentation approaches help to provide the right messages to the right target audience. Establishing solid permission based marketing procedures and building trust with the subscribers will add enormous value to retain the subscribers.

Here is the check list for gaining quality subscribers and retaining them.

  • Ask for the permission while adding them to the list

  • Use Opt-in or Double Opt-in process while signing up customer on the Internet.

  • Avoid 'assumed opt-in' method

  • Reduce Frequency of Email Messages

  • Use Target Marketing - Segment the list and send emails only when necessary

  • Increase the Relevancy of the subject (email) matter to the subscriber

  • Personalize the email messages as much as possible

  • Provide personalized landing pages

  • Right message at right time to the right subscriber

  • Email is NOT Free; do not 'blast' emails

  • Quality is the most important factor

  • Follow consistence across messages, campaign, organization

  • Keep in mind the reputation of the brand and organization

Please download a copy of LeadPro 24|7 solution data sheet in PDF format.