Lead Assignment/Routing - PUSH vs. PULL Methods...

The major issue before marketers and businesses in lead management is deciding the right lead routing process. Once the sales leads are captured from the lead sources, the prospects are to be distributed to the sales team members, so that they can follow-up with the lead at the earliest possible time. Two methods can be employed for lead distribution (routing or assignment); these are LEAD PULL method and PUSH method.

As the terms indicate, in one process the leads are pushed to the sales agents while in the other the leads are pulled by the agents from a general queue. Both the methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose a suitable process based on specific business requirements including the lead volume, team size, business process, etc.

Lead routing and distribution systems such as LeadPro 24|7 generally support both the routing processes. Hence you need to make a decision when you deploy the system for your use.

If the volume is low and good supervision and oversight are used, PUSH process should work well. On the other hand, if the volume of leads is high, number of sales agents is high and rigid supervision is not possible, then lead PULL process can be employed.

Remember that the aim of automatically distributing lead using the lead PUSH process is to enable the sales agent reach the prospect in the shortest possible timeframe. Hence if the leads are sitting in a general queue, waiting to be pulled by an agent, then it beats the purpose of employing the PULL method.

If you want to cherry pick and choose the leads from the available lead pool, then you may have to opt in for the PULL process. Make sure that your lead distribution and tracking system supports the cherry picking option in that case.

Again, no one method is a superior one, if you don't assess, plan and use the routing process to suit your specific business scenario.

LeadPro 24|7 supports both PULL and PUSH processes for sales lead assignment and distribution. Feel free to request a demo account of you are seriously evaluating the lead distribution, tracking and management database systems for implementation in your organization.