Lead Assignment - Routing Rules & Filters...

The major benefit of using a sales lead tracking and management solution is automatic distribution or routing of leads to the sales team. Several filters and routing rules can be used to assign the leads for follow-up action by sales agents or representatives.

For each lead type, you can define separate set of rules in the Lead Assignment Rules Definition engine available in the lead management systems. The type and nature of assignment rules vary with your business requirements, sales organization structure, etc. The following are the most commonly used lead routing rules used by businesses.

  • Round Robin rule
  • Geography, such as:
    • State / Province
    • County
    • City
    • Zip code
    • Partial zip code
    • Telephone Area code
    • IP
  • Radial Distance (between prospect and sales office)
  • Product / Service
  • Lead Class / Rank / Score
  • Quality Score
  • Lead properties, such as:
    • Timeframe
    • Budget
    • Authority / Title
  • Lead Source / Medium
  • Sales Territory of channels (as in Geography)
  • Combination of one or more rules

In addition to these distribution rules, several filters can be applied while routing the leads to the sales areas / channels / agents. Here are some examples:

  • Day and time
  • Quantity limit per day
  • Quality Score

Before implementing a lead routing and distribution solution, discuss with your lead system service provider and see what features can be used to improve your lead assignment process. We at LeadPro 24|7, do even minor tweaks to the distribution engine to suit the customers' specific requirements.