Lead Conversion Tools: Dialers, Text to Speech, SMS...

Sales lead conversion rates can be increased significantly if enabler tools such as automatic dialers, Text to Speech converters, and SMS text messages are leveraged by the marketers. Internet lead convert at a much faster rate, if you are contact them within a few minutes of lead sign-up / capture.

While the real time lead alerts help the sales agents or representatives to pick up the phone and contact the prospect, voice oriented systems can make their life easy.

For example, automatic dialers help the agent to click on a link in the lead tracking and management system and get connected to the prospective customers automatically. The agents need not waste time in dialing the numbers. While this might sound simple, imagine the life of a salesĀ  rep on the field who has to call tens of prospects every day.

SMS (short text messages) can also be good option to complement the email alerts. Now that the adoption and usage of SMS is picking in the Americas, marketers can leverage the benefits of text messaging.

Text to Speech Dialer is another great tool in the hands of the marketers. The lead information in text form can be converted to voice and delivered to sales agents in the field via their cell phones. After listening to the prospect information, if the agent wants to contact the prospect's phone number, the dialer can connect it immediately. This will be great time saver for field sales agents. Listening to the lead info much more easier than opening the browser and reading an email message.

LeadPro 24|7 has integrated its lead distribution and delivery software with Voice Button services in order to deliver lead information using the Text to Speech Dialer.

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