Lead Nurturing with Event Triggered Drip Email Marketing...

Sales Leads not converted immediately can be put through lead nurturing program using well designed drip email marketing campaigns. Much of internet generated leads may not convert overnight, as they may be doing research on the web and might take time to decide the purchase.

The drip email messages are also known as Autoresponders by internet marketing community, as the messages are triggered automatically by the email marketing system.

By ignoring the slow converting leads, you are leaving money on the table. Drip email messages can be used to nurture and engage the leads in long term.

You can setup several drip marketing campaign messages and set the triggers using a variety of filters, actions and behaviors. The drip email messages are triggered automatically in a sequential mode, based on the filters and conditions specified.

Lead tracking and management systems, such as LeadPro 24|7, comes with integrated drip email marketing automation feature in order to nurture the leads managed in the system.

Drip Email Messages - Best Practices

Some marketers overdo the drip email marketing aspect and attract the wrath of the prospective customers. Unless the messages are timely and relevant, the prospects will report the emails as SPAM, even if they have provided permission to email them earlier.

The drip email messages can also be used for providing alerts to the prospects based on the lead follow-up activities. For example, when a lead is contacted by the sales rep for a conversation, a drip message can be sent to the prospect thanking them for their time.

Online survey module can be used to elicit feedback responses from the prospects put into the nurturing programs by sending suitable feedback survey invitation. Based on the response, further activities can be taken up.