Lead Retrieval and Tracking Systems for Lead Buyers

Web Leads generated through online lead generation programs by lead companies are routed to the lead buyers using lead distribution software systems. The leads are delivered to the clients in real time using flexible lead routing engines. Various delivery methods are employed to deliver the leads to the lead buyers, including the following:

  • Email alerts
  • SMS / Text messaging alerts
  • Fax messages
  • Direct interface to the client's lead systems (followed by other methods)
  • Text to Speech converters

In addition to the above lead delivery methods, the lead distribution systems can also push the leads to a back office system, which can be accessed online by the buyers.

Lead Retrieval through Back Office System

Lead clients can access the system via the back office and retrieve leads online. Premium plans can also support full fledged lead tracking and management capabilities for your lead buyers. This will be a value added solution to the lead distributors as the customers need not subscribe to third party systems to track and manage their leads bought from your organization.

Providing Credit Request

Another advantage of providing lead retrieval system access to your buyers is that they can login and claim credit request for bad / invalid leads. The credit requests can be evaluated by the lead seller's staff and approved if found appropriate. This is a great time saver for lead generation companies selling leads to small businesses or individual / home based business clients. No need for tracking credit requests manually or using spreadsheets.