Lead Tracking Management Software

A critical process of marketing and sales domain is Sales Leads Tracking. Web based software solutions are employed to capture, distribute, deliver, track, and manage the leads through the entire sales cycle. These group of software products are generally known as Lead Tracking Management Software.

Traditionally, implementing and using a lead tracking software is a time taking, costly and tedious affair, which only large organizations can afford. With the advent of web based software (also known as on demand software or SAAS solutions), every one can use lead tracking software and increase lead conversion rates.

Right from individual professional practitioners to mom and pop shops and small businesses to large organizations can leverage sales lead tracking software solutions.

As mentioned earlier, the lead tracking software is made available on the internet and hence the users can access it from anywhere. There is no need for special software installation or deployment of computer servers to host the software application.

The cost of lead tracking software is very cheap when compared with traditional implementation of software systems. Generally, you can subscribe to lead tracking systems on a monthly basis and hence there is no lump sum payments in advance. The subscription fees are payable monthly. Also, the tracking software will be available in multiple editions, so that you can pick and choose based on your business requirements. You can also turn on or off certain optional features and save money on unwanted frills.

Since the web based software is shared by several customers, any enhancements and new developments based on the industry trends are available immediately without major upgrades on your part.

The lead tracking management software systems such as LeadPro 24|7 include comprehensive reporting features. The reports will be available in various formats and the data is updated in real time; hence you can see up-to-the-minute reports.

Though the software system is shared by multiple customers (technically known as tenants), the data itself is not shared and stored in secure database servers. Several access controls can be established within your own organization's users based on their data requirements. The computer servers are hosted in highly available world class data centers with protected power supply and multiple internet service providers. These sort of facilities are very costly and not affordable to small businesses and professionals, if they want to replicate on their own.

The functions of Lead Tracking Software include the following, though you may or may not use all these features:

  • Integration with Lead Generation software / systems / websites / email messages
  • Lead capture and aggregation
  • Lead Scrubbing, Validation
  • Lead Verification
  • Duplicate checking
  • Lead Scoring / Ranking
  • Lead Routing / Distribution
  • Real Time and batch Lead Alerts
  • Drip Emails for nurturing leads
  • Lead follow-up activities
  • Reporting and Analytics

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