Lead Distribution to Lead Buyers & Clients

Distribution of Sales Leads to lead buyers and clients is a breeze with deployment of internet lead capture and distribution systems. Whether you are generating a few dozen leads or hundreds or thousands of internet leads in a day, you can distribute and deliver the leads to your customers in real time without any manual intervention.

Lead Distribution Engine

The heart of the lead capture and distribution system is a flexible lead routing engine. Depending on your business scenario, distribution rules can be defined for each lead type, buyer and lead order. The following are some of the routing rules used in the distribution engines:

  • Round Robin rule - If you have multiple customers for the same type of leads, and if you want to distribute on an exclusive basis, then the system can route the leads in a round robin fashion.
  • Exclusive, Semi-exclusive, Non-exclusive lead rule - For each lead type, you can specify the exclusivity or otherwise.
  • Per Day Limit - You can set a per day limit for delivering leads based on the customer's budget.
  • Monthly Max limit - You can also specify a monthly budget in terms of number of leads.
  • Day and Time of Delivery - Day and time of delivery can be specified for each customer's lead order (for each week day).
  • Geography (Country, State, County, Zip, Partial Zip) - Lead from a specific geography can be delivered to specific customers.
  • Insurance Carrier Filter - Leads can be distributed on an exclusive basis to each carrier. If you are selling shared leads, this will be a  great feature to use.
  • Radial Distance Filter - Leads can be filtered based on the distance between the prospect location and customer location.
  • Lead Source Filter - You can specify one or more sources for each customer's lead order.
  • Lead Property Filters - You can set one or more of the lead profile properties (such as age, sex, type, product, service, etc.)

Lead Buyer Profiles

You can define comprehensive profile for your lead buyers. For example, the service categories and geographical location can be defined for each buyer. For Insurance Lead buyers, the Insurance Carrier can be defined for each client, so that the leads can be distributed exclusive to the carrier. Lead alert templates can also be customized for each client for each lead type or category.

Lead Delivery Methods

Each lead client can opt for one or more delivery methods. The following are the delivery methods:

  • Real Time Email alert
  • Real Time SMS (text messaging service) alert
  • Fax delivery
  • Text to Speech / Voice delivery
  • HTTP Posting
  • SOAP based API
  • Back office system delivery

Lead Retrieval through Back Office System

Lead clients can also access the system via the back office and retrieve leads online. Premium plans can also support full fledged lead tracking and management capabilities for your lead buyers.

For more information, please visit LeadPro 24|7 Web Lead Distribution and Delivery system tutorials section.