Sales Lead Scoring with Dynamic Scoring Processes...

Many think of Lead Scoring as the process of assigning a number or a grade to a lead / prospective customer. Assigning a number or score (on a scale of 1 to 10 or 1 to 100 or A, B or C) will not help in converting the Leads to Sales. The Score of a Lead should be considered as a grade at a particular point in time and not a permanent number valid forever. The score is not a constant but an ever changing number arrived at using several parameters.

With the advent of internet, self service portals, email marketing and multi-channel customer support and sale support facilities, the lead behavior has to be constantly tracked, assessed and scored to reflect the current status.

Though the terms Lead Scoring, Lead Ranking, Lead Classification, Lead Grading and Lead Qualification are used to mean the same by many marketers, Lead Scoring is gaining importance as a separate process / activity. With the adoption of online lead distribution and tracking software solutions by businesses, it has become much easier to score the leads in a dynamic basis. Especially B2B Marketers have started leveraging the benefits of Lead Scoring to increase sales and nurture long term prospects. B2C marketers are also gaining traction.

Extensive activity tracking mechanism and integration of enterprise systems (such as CRM, SFA, ERP) helps optimize the lead scoring process. For example, if a customer visits a specific link included in the email message of an email campaign then a suitable score (weightage) can be added to the total score. If he / she provides the reason for visiting the page as 'academic or research interest' and does not intend to buy anything immediate future, then the score can be reduced. If you notice any other activity from the same user after a gap of time, then the score could be increased.

Lead Scoring should involve all communication channels used for communicating with the leads. Emails (campaigns), Direct Mail, and Telesales channels may be used to interact with the customers. Depending on the customer response and activities, the score should be increased or decreased.

The business rules for arriving at a lead score will change from business to business and time to time. Anagha Group provides custom services and custom enhancements for the users of LeadPro 24|7 solution to manage the Lead Scoring process on an ongoing basis.

The score for each type of activity can be defined in the LeadPro 24|7 solution. Based on the user activity, the system can update the score on an ongoing basis and provide alert to the marketing / sales personnel, if required.