Web-based Surveys and Feedback Software

Online Survey software tools can be leveraged to increase lead conversion rates by obtaining feedback from prospects and leads. Potential customers will respond positively if their suggestions and inputs are sought during the sale / purchase process. Choosing a lead distribution and tracking tool with integrated web survey solution will be a great addition to the marketers' toolbox.

Surveys can be designed, created and deployed online in minutes using the online survey builder tool. Survey invitations can be sent to the prospects, customers and employees using the in-built drip email messaging platform. Depending on the follow-up activities and prospect behavior, survey invitation emails can automatically triggered without any manual intervention.

Survey responses can be collected online and analyzed in real time. The survey software provides summary level and individual response reports for immediate view and follow-up action.

Advanced analytic reports are available in the survey solution module.

Once the leads are converted, the sales experience can be measured using suitable feedback surveys designed to elicit responses from the converted customers. Any negative comments and views can be addressed immediately, so that the marketing and sales process can be fine tuned to avoid such problems.

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