Efficient Opt-In, Out-Out (Unsubscribe) Mechanism

Since the CAN-SPAM Act 2003 regulations mandate opt-out mechanism in every commercial email and taking out the email address from the concerned list from future emails when a receiver requests to do do, an efficient opt-out (and opt-in) mechanism and proactive list management process have to be built into the email marketing practices of all organization. Efficient opt-out management will help retain the quality subscribers and contrary to the fear of losing list subscribers. You also have a fair chance of getting back the subscribers who opted out at a future point in time.

Following are the key considerations every email marketer should have in mind and apply in practice:

  • Every commercial email should be CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Postal address of the sending party / organization should be mentioned in the email body. Note that a PO Box number would not be sufficient.
  • The email must specify how to unsubscribe from future emailing. Thus an Unsubscribe link should be provided in each email.
  • It should not be difficult for the user to follow the process of un-subscription. Ideally the process should be complete in three or less steps.
  • When a recipient request un-subscription (or wants to opt out from the email), the request should be fulfilled within 10 days from the receipt of such request.

The following critical decisions are to be made by the email marketer while implementing an efficient opt-out mechanism.

  • Whether to carry out the opt-out for that particular list (or campaign, newsletter or communication group) or apply the opt-out rule globally across the organization. This scenario varies from business to business and from scenario to scenario. LeadPro provides a configurable setting which can be changed for each email campaign.
  • While the opt-out process should be simple and easy to the user, required information can be provided to the user so that he / she can take an informed decision. A customized unsubscribe page can be useful from this perspective.
  • Whether to provide an opt-in option (with instructions) after confirming the Unsubscribe button. If the user has opted-out by mistake, the user can get back into the list as an opt-in user.
  • Whether to send an email confirming the request to opt-out from the list.
  • Whether to send an email confirming the completion of opt-out process.

Please download a copy of LeadPro 24|7 Lead Management and Email Marketing solution data sheet in PDF format.