Real Time Lead Alerts & Delivery Messages

The real test of lead generation and sales management lies in the lead conversion capabilities. Research studies show that if you contact the lead within a few minutes of capturing the prospect info from the internet, you have a chance of 80% of winning over the sale. Real time lead alerts to lead buyers, channel distributors, or sale representatives helps to realize this goal.

If the leads generated through the internet are not contacted within the first few hours, then the probability of losing the lead is almost 100%. The efforts, money and time invested in creating demand or buying internet leads are completely wasted if the lead follow-up is not near real time.

Lead tracking and management systems such as LeadPro 24|7 a range of features for delivering leads in real time to the users. The following methods can be deployed to deliver leads to the sales team.

  • Email alerts
  • SMS / Text messaging alerts
  • Fax messages
  • Direct interface to the client's lead systems (followed by other methods)
  • Text to Speech dialer

The Real Time Email alert is the most commonly used method to alert the sales representatives / sales agents. The emails can be used to provide complete prospect info to the sales team. The emails should also be formatted in an easy to use, read fashion. Most of the sales agents in the field use smart phones (such as iPhones and Blackberry) to receive email alerts. Hence the lead distribution system should use a suitable format for the email messages.

Text messaging is gaining wide usage nowadays. Users are also familiar with short messages (also known as SMS) in this Twitter world! Lead info such as prospect name and phone number can be easily passed on as text messages.

Some buyers with office centric services such as dentists, auto service shops, etc. can be comfortable with fax based lead alerts. Since secretarial and administrative staff are always near the fax, the fax delivery may be a preferred method for such customers.

If you are lead distributor or seller, it is preferred to have a direct interface with your lead buyers' lead capture and management systems. This can be achieved in multiple ways such as HTTP posting, SOAP based web service, etc.

Some advanced sales inquiry management systems such as LeadPro 24|7 also provide Text to Speech capabilities to deliver lead information via telephone to the sales team. If you sales team consists of mobile sales force, you can deliver lead info via using text-to-speech method, where the lead system will readout the lead info to the receiver. This can be followed with an email alert.

To learn more about lead alert capabilities and deployment possibilities of LeadPro 24|7, give us a call or request a trial account setup