Why Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is cost effective (pennies when compared with traditional communications), very fast (can be planned based on event triggers automatically) and highly interactive. While establishing customer friendly web sites, ecommerce shops and information portals are the first steps in the Internet based marketing, email marketing brings prospects and customers to the web resources.

With billions of web pages on the internet today, your prospects and customers may not be able to reach your web resources. Providing right information at the right time using email marketing will help direct them to the right resources. Email marketing can be used to send newsletters, product launches, promotions, invitations to seminars, trade shows and webinars (web based seminars), lead follow-up and fulfillment, industry updates and service upgrades.


  • Very low per message cost
  • Ability to Highly Personalize
  • Can be Interactive
  • Can be triggered automatically in response to user requests
  • Customized landing pages and personal web sites
  • Effective tracking mechanism
  • Permission based marketing
  • Content can be in simple text or in rich HTML format
  • Simple, Ready to use tools and services
  • Can be used by small to very large organizations
  • Can complement traditional marketing

Please download a copy of LeadPro 24|7 solution data sheet in PDF format