Effective Email Campaign Design Checklist

While selecting a good feature rich but simple to use Email marketing solution and signing up for an email service provider (such as LeadPro 24|7) is a relatively easy process, getting the best Return on Marketing Investment (ROI or ROMI) depends on the effectiveness of email campaigns executed using such tools and services. Email campaign design, list building, execution and tracking are the most important facets of e-marketing (or interactive internet marketing). Here is a checklist to get started with your email campaigns in LeadPro 24|7.

  • Manage List proactively (Opt-in, ask for the subscriber's permission to email)

  • Filter Addresses from Lists for each campaign (Target marketing / Segmentation)

  • Decide Frequency & Timing

  • Remember 3Rs: Right message (content), Right timing, Right subscribers

  • Select Email format (HTML, Text, Multipart)

  • Select / design HTML Email layout (if applicable)

  • Select suitable Subject line (words, length)

  • Finalize content (simple to read, reduce images)

  • Personalize the message

  • Include links with brief summaries (with detailed content on web site)

  • Provide Personalized Landing pages, if required

  • Follow CAN-SPAM guidelines (list, content)

  • Include Physical Contact information (No PO box)

  • Include Unsubscribe link

  • In the Unsubscribe page, provide option to retain the Subscription (if the users prefers so)

  • Provide Forward to Friend / Co-worker link

  • Provide a link for the web version of the email

  • Enable Tracking mechanism

  • Request users to your (from) email address to their address book / list

  • Decide test email ids (MSN Hotmail, Yahoo, Google Gmail, AOL, EarthLink, ATT, etc.)

  • Test, Test, Test (do not assume)

  • Select a Timing and Schedule (provide time for review by ESP)

  • Manage bounced emails properly, Deactivate the hard-bounced email records from the list

  • Execute Unsubscribe Requests promptly, Thanks the user for being on the list, Invite him in future, if he prefers.

  • Monitor the campaign opens, clicks, un-subscribes and information requests

  • Follow-up with suitable reminders (do not flood with emails)

Please download a copy of LeadPro 24|7 Email Marketing solution data sheet in PDF format.