Advanced API for Integrating Enterprise and CRM Systems

If you are hosting the sign-up forms on your web sites to collect subscriber sign-up permission and profile information, you are already using the basic form of (form based) API to connect to the LeadPro 24|7 system and input the data.

The newly released webs services based, platform independent API is much more advanced and address the entire data exchange domain. It is just not restricted to the Subscriber Information collection and input to the system. The following data can be exchanged using the API.

  • Subscriber / Contact / Email / Address data Input to LeadPro
  • Subscriber Profile Update
  • Subscriber Status (Opt-in Preferences) Update
  • Subscriber Profile Data Extract
  • Campaign Data Extract
  • Email Open Statistics Extract
  • Email Click Statistics Extract
  • Email Bounce Statistics Extract
  • Email Forward Statistics Extract
  • Subscriber Opt-Out Data Extract

The data exchanging systems could be your internal database systems (CRM, Sales Force Automation, etc.) or external partners' systems such as publishers, lead generators, affiliates, advertisers, clients, and other business partners.

To obtain a detailed specification document and assistance in setting up the LeadPro 24|7 API, please contact our support team. We can also provide consulting and custom services to implement the API, if required.