Using CAPTCHA Security - Help Avoid Spam Entries...

We all know setting up sign-up forms on the web sites coupled with opt-in or double opt-in options is the best practice to obtain the email addresses of prospective customers (or leads), the approach has its own disadvantages. Many people wonder how come they get so many junk / spam like entries in their subscriber lists and even doubt their ESPs (Email Service Providers) if their data has been compromised. The issue is because of the automated signup programs (also called as bots). CAPTCHA security mechanism could be used effectively to prevent such automated sign-ups.

Landing Pages on your websites used for lead generation and capture can be implemented with CAPTCHA security. LeadPro supports a basic CAPTCHA implementation. Please check with the implementation / technical support team if you would like to include this security option in the lead capture forms. Obviously, this will be applicable if the capture forms are hosted on our LeadPro servers. If you are hosting the landing pages and capture forms, then you can implement your CAPTCHA solutions.

Please download a copy of LeadPro 24|7 Lead Tracking and Management solution data sheet in PDF format. If you are a lead generation and distribution agency generating and selling leads to lead buyers, please downloand the LeadPro 24|7 Lead Distribution System datasheet.