LeadPro 24|7's Customized Notifications for Advertisers / List Sponsors...

If you are using Sign-up Form management module of LeadPro 24|7, the permission based email management service, and have multiple sponsors or advertisers you can leverage the extensive list management features available in LeadPro 24|7. Apart from sign-up forms customizable with your logo, layout and branding, you can also setup customizable email forms for sending instant notifications to the list sponsors.

The list sponsors could be your internal departments or marketing resources or external partners such as affiliates, advertisers, clients, and other business partners.

Each notification form can be customized with the specific data requirements for that specific sponsor. For example, if a list is used by several sponsors, some may need the email address, some others may need the partial demographic information and some others may need the entire information collected.

The email form can also be customized by you with your logo, layout and branding as required.

Why Instant Notifications?

Many small and medium sponsor organizations may not have the capability to invest in servers, systems and technical resources to implement sophisticated Web Services based API available with several services including LeadPro 24|7 service. In such cases, email based instant notifications with personalization is the best option. Publishers and lead generators can leverage this feature to provide notifications to their advertisers.

Time to Market

When leads are obtained by permission based marketing, the subscribers who sign-up via the subscription forms seeking information or services wish to receive the information as early as possible. Leaving the leads untouched for a long time will not only reduces the conversion rates but also reflects the responsiveness or the lack of it by the receiving organization. The leads should be qualified as soon as possible and follow-up activity should be taken up before the lead gets cold.  Sponsor Notifications via LeadPro 24|7 help to reduce the wait time between lead signup, lead qualification and follow-up.

Note that there is no additional cost for activating the Sponsor Notifications feature in LeadPro 24|7. For more information on associating sponsors to lists and setting up sponsor notifications, please contact our support team or send us an email.

For more details and see how LeadPro 24|7 can be used to create, send and track drip emails or event triggered emails, request a Free Trial (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the service.