Increase Quality of your Sales Leads through Verification/Scrubbing

Sales Leads captured from the internet and lead sellers have to be cleansed and verified before passing on the info to the sales team. Lead capture, tracking and management systems come equipped with several tools and methodologies to perform these operations in order to increase the quality of leads landing in the hands of the sales agents.

Lead Validation / Scrubbing / Cleansing / De-duping

These are basic quality improvement processes employed by the lead systems. The incoming leads are scrubbed a small database of text strings / words, in order to get rid of the vulgar words, etc. It is essential to include validation scripts on the lead capture pages, so that the leads can be weeded out even before reaching the system. This process will also help capture the unintentional errors. Some of the data elements that can be validated are:

  • Email Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Country / State / Province
  • Products / Services
  • Numeric Data (including ranges)
  • Required fields (to avoid empty data fields)

The leads can also be de-duped based on pre-defined duplicate checking criteria. Duplicate leads can be pushed to a separate bucket or marked as invalid depending on the business scenario.

Lead Verification and Lead Quality Scoring

In the next stage, the leads can be subjected to intensive database search /match and verify the data captured. Following are the examples:

  • First name / last name
  • Telephone numbers
  • IP address / city match
  • Physical address

Lead verification is a database intensive as the lead record is compared with multiple databases of millions of database records. Each verification is priced (in the range of 15 cents to 30 cents per lead depending on the volume). Based on the match results, a quality score may be produced. The system may also return corrected / updated values for certain data points.

Check with your lead management system providers during the planning phase; you might have more than one option to consider.

For example, LeadPro 24|7 lead tracking and management system is capable of carrying out lead verification with leading service providers such as TargusInfo, ServiceObjects, AccurateAppend, etc.