Online Shopping Experience Surveys with Survey Builder

Online shopping experience surveys can be designed, created and deployed online in minutes using the LeadPro 24|7 Web Surveys Builder software tool.

eCommerce Website Surveys are employed to gauge the satisfaction ratings from the online customers while shopping through the website. Matrix (rating scale) type questions are leveraged to get the feedback from the customers. The Survey Builder is also available in a Free version for small businesses and marketing professionals.

Acquiring a new online customer is far more mostlier than retaining existing customers. Unless Customer Satisfaction and online shopping experience is measured, right retention practices cannot be implemented. Online Shopping Experience Surveys help listen and gauge the mood and satisfaction of the online customers. The feedback can be used to improve the website shopping methods and reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate.

  • Over 15 types of question types in the Survey Builder can be leveraged to build meaningful survey questionnaires to get clear answers from the online customers.
  • The online surveys can be built in a few minutes and survey invitations can be sent via email through the system or externally.
  • List of customers and online shoppers can be maintained in the system using the Email / Panel list management feature, so that email invites can be automated.
  • The web surveys can be fully branded and customized to reflect your corporate image and get quality responses.
  • The survey system includes multiple pre-built look and feel themes to customize the customer surveys.
  • Customer surveys can be deployed using multiple methods such as Web URL link, Website pop-up, etc.
  • Customer feedback obtained through the system can be analyzed and viewed online in real time. eCommerce websites can be improved based on the survey results.

Other Types of Web Surveys

The Online Surveys Software tool can be used for conducting a number other surveys. Some of these are listed below:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys are employed to gauge the satisfaction ratings from the customers. Matrix (rating scale) type questions are leveraged to get the feedback from the customers.
  • Market Research Surveys are used to seek opinions / feedback from the market for certain product / service. Suitable surveys can be designed and emailed to the target audience.
  • Product Research Surveys are used to elicit opinions from the target group about a specific product. The survey audience could be regular customers or a select panel group.
  • Employee Feedback Surveys are used by organizations to survey their employees regarding the organization, products, services, processes, employee benefits, employee satisfaction, etc. The terminology Enterprise Feedback Management is used to represent the employee surveys, customer surveys, and other business partner surveys.
  • Web Site Feedback Surveys are widely used by organizations nowadays, since website based online marketing is a key component of the marketing strategy. Web sites are used to generate leads/ prospects, educate prospective customers, ecommerce/ online shopping, provide self-service and engage the current customers on an ongoing basis. Hence the functionality and effectiveness / usefulness of the web sites are to be constantly monitored and updated regularly. The feedback from the surveys can be a great tool for the online marketers.
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys are employed by the healthcare industry in order to measure the service quality levels and gauge the patient satisfaction.
  • Academic Research Surveys are extensively used the educational institutions, research laboratories, and students as part of their research studies.
  • Consumer Panel Research Surveys are essential tools in the hands of consumer marketing companies. LeadPro 24|7 survey tool includes an extensive Panel Management module with inbuilt email list management. Subscription / opt-in / opt-out management, drip emails, etc. can be used by the survey designers and marketers.
  • Non-profit / Membership Surveys are employed by non-profit organizations such as associations, clubs, religious bodies, and other volunteer organizations to survey their beneficiaries, volunteers and donors.
  • Service Follow Up Surveys help measure the satisfaction levels of customers after a service call. By improving the service satisfaction levels of customers, more customers can be retained and customer churn can be reduced. The customer service / technical support employees performance and productivity can also be measured, so that actions can be taken to improve the service processes and practices.
  • Event Feedback Surveys help measure the satisfaction ratings of attendees of events such as conferences, training programs, seminars, webinars, workshops, boot camps, etc. The events, speakers / presenters and event materials can be improved based on the evaluation by the attendees. The event attendees could be employees, patients, physicians, students, prospects, business partners, members or volunteers.

Online Surveys Solution

LeadPro 24|7 Survey application includes a number of powerful features to meet the requirements of all the above survey types. In order to analyze the survey response results in real time, the solution also includes detailed reports such as Survey Response Summary, Individual Responses, Result Data Export / Download, Cross Tab Report, TURF analysis report and Survey Snapshot.

Please take a moment to browse through the survey management related information by clicking on the links provided on the right side panel. For more details and take a look at the overview of these functions, please refer to Online Surveys Overview pages.

Or request a Free Online Survey Software Account sign-up (no commitment, no contract) and test drive the service to see how it fits your requirements. The free trial survey account can accommodate only 250 responses; however there is no restriction on number of surveys or number of questions in each survey.

Information Documents

Please download a copy of Online Survey Design, Analysis and Management information sheet in PDF format.

Please download a copy of Sales Lead Tracking, Distribution and Management information sheet in PDF format.

Please download a copy of Email Marketing Automation information sheet in PDF format.