Online Survey Solution - Survey Creation

Creating Surveys using LeadPro 24|7 Survey Tool is a simple process. Survey Theme and Questionnaire Templates can be used to quickly build surveys.

The application includes several templates, so that surveys can be easily created by modifying the predefined questions and survey properties as required. Even if you are building a survey from ground up, the survey creation wizard can be utilized to build surveys quickly.

In order to meet every survey researcher's requirements, the online survey tool includes several, flexible survey question types. Each survey question type can be easily understood using the example preview associated with the question. Creating surveys with LeadPro 24|7 involves the following simple steps:

  • Start a New Survey
  • Specify if you would like to use an existing system template or start one from scratch
  • Select a template from the list of available survey templates, if preferred
  • Update the Survey Properties as necessary
  • Customize the Theme Properties, if required, in order to change the look and feel of the survey
  • Create the Questions and Answer Choices
  • Customize pages such as Greeting / Introduction page, Closing / Thank You Page, Survey Closed Page, and Quota Limit page
  • Define the Deployment modes (in order to get web link, email link, pop-up script)
  • If you have the Survey Takers List in the system, create an Email Invitation campaign and schedule the email delivery
  • View survey results in real-time as survey respondents take the survey

Online Survey Tracking and Analysis

LeadPro 24|7 Survey application includes a number of powerful features to meet the requirements of all the above survey types. In order to analyze the survey response results in real time, the solution also includes detailed reports such as Survey Response Summary, Individual Responses, Result Data Export / Download, Cross Tab Report, TURF report and Survey Snapshot.

Please take a moment to browse through the survey management related information by clicking on the links provided on the right side panel. For more details and take a look at the overview of these functions, please see Online Surveys Tutorial pages.

Or request a Free 30 Day Trial Account (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the service to see how it fits your requirements. The free trial survey account can accommodate only 250 responses; however there is no restriction on number of surveys or number of questions in each survey.

Information Documents

Please download a copy of Sales Lead Management information sheet in PDF format.