Online Survey Solution - Survey Research Panels

Email List Management provides extensive features for Survey Panel Management and Research.

Survey Panels are extensively used by businesses as well as academic community for survey based research such as product research and market research.

With the advent of internet and online communities, Survey Research professionals and organizations are increasingly turning to enrollment and maintenance of panel members using online tools and methodologies. Integrated Email List Management and Subscription Management features can be used as a powerful Panel Management Software Tool.

Some of the features of LeadPro 24|7 that can be leveraged for Survey Panel Member Management are:

  • Email List Management - The system includes robust email list management functions such as Customizable Sign-Up forms, multiple lists, custom data fields for each panel, detailed demographic profile, etc.
  • Unlimited Number of Panels - There is no limit for number of lists in the system and hence multiple, target specific panels can be maintained easily.
  • Double Opt-In Process to Enroll Panel Members - Extensively customizable web based sign-up forms and email notifications can be used with Double Opt-in Process to sign-up panel members. The enrollment / sign-up forms can be entirely hosted on your own web sites or hosted on LeadPro 24|7 servers and linked to your web sites.
  • Importing Panel Members - The List Import module is very flexible and panel member data can be imported into the system in Excel (XLS), CSV, ASCII or XML formats. For large organizations and advanced users, industry standard web services based API data exchange interface available in the system will be useful to exchange data with their enterprise systems and external applications.
  • Drip Emails to trigger Survey Invitations - Surveys can be targeted for very specific panel members and emails invitations can be delivered automatically using pre-defined event occurrences. To increase Survey Completion Rate, extensive Drip Email Filter functions available in the system can be profitably used.
  • Adhoc Message Campaigns - It is essential to keep the panel members engaged and informed on a continual basis. Adhoc email campaigns with custom designed HTML email messages via LeadPro 24|7 system can be leveraged to achieve this objective. Other options are blogs and social network sites.
  • Extensive Targeting Features using List Filtering - Again, the Invitation Email Delivery can be precisely targeted using the List Filtering mechanism. Survey Abandonment Rate can be significantly reduced
  • Opt-out (Unsubscribe) Management - LeadPro 24|7 email list management and email delivery solution (integrated with the Survey Module) includes Opt-Out Management features as required by US Federal Regulations. Each email will have an Instant Unsubscribe link, so that panel members can opt-out of the panel any time.
  • Email Campaign Statistics and Analytics - Email analytics such as email opens, clicks, and opt-outs are available as downloadable and drill-down reports. This feature will help to assess the Panel Member List Hygiene and manage accordingly by taking corrective action. For example, if members from a particular panel are opting-out in high numbers, either the surveys are not suitable for that group or they received too many surveys in a specific period of time.

LeadPro 24|7 Online Survey Software

LeadPro 24|7 Survey solution includes a number of powerful survey design and management features including Multiple Question Types, Survey Progress Bar, Custom Pages for Intro / Welcome, Survey Closed, and Thank You messages, Multiple Deployment Modes and Response Collector Types, Question Help, Kiosk Mode, and Anonymous Survey Data Collection.

In order to analyze the survey response results in real time, the solution also includes detailed reports such as Survey Response Summary, Individual Responses, Result Data Export / Download, Cross Tab Report, TURF report and Survey Snapshot.

These features coupled with robust panel management solution features will be of great value for the business and academic research community.

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Or request a 30 Day Free Survey Trial Account (no obligation, no commitment, no contract) and test drive the service to see how it fits your requirements. The free trial survey account can accommodate only 250 responses; however there is no restriction on number of surveys or number of questions in each survey.

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