Testimonials from LeadPro 24|7 Clients, Customers and Users

LeadPro 24|7 lead distribution / management solutions and technology services are used by hundreds of Customers and Users.

Our user list ranges from Entrepreneurs and Internet marketers to Service providers, Advertising agencies, Affiliate marketers, Mid-size enterprises and Large corporate organizations. Professional service providers such as Insurance Agents, Mortagage Loan officers, Real Estate Agents and Financial Consultants leverage our lead tracking system to follow-up / manage their leads and increase conversion rates.

Hundreds of users are leveraging our customer acquisition, internet lead generation distribution, sales lead tracking and management, lead nurturing and conversion and online survey research related technology tools either directly or through our full service partners and customers. We would be glad to provide relevant industry vertical / segment specific references and customer testimonials for your assessment.

WTA - LeadPro 24|7 Client

Working with the LeadPro 24|7 team has been very refreshing. The software is very powerful for not only lead distribution, but also analytics and marketing.  We keep finding new ways to utilize its abilities to leverage more and more of customer experience. We requested many customizations and the LeadPro team was very responsive in getting those done for us. Tech support has always been readily available, even when we were the cause of the problem.

This software truly was a one stop shop for our lead management needs.

Best Insurance Quotes For You

LeadPro 24|7 changed the way I do my insurance business. When I first started with them about a year ago I had dozens of clients at the time, it became a bit too over whelming just to maintain them let alone get new ones. One year later I am proud to say I have increased my customer base thanks to this C.R.M / lead distribution management tool.

The system allowed me to streamline my business efficiently while driving my revenue through the roof. Thank you LeadPro24/7.


We have used several systems over the last decade from the leaders in lead management software whose over-priced models were not scalable with our business, to smaller installed solutions whose service and product were sketchy at best.  We felt extremely lucky to come across and enter into business with LeadPro 24|7 when there are so many promised lead management solutions that fail to deliver on what you need.

LeadPro 24|7 not only has delivered what we needed, but continues to do so by going above and beyond.  The management has followed through time and time again and the system has delivered on all its promises.   Most important to us has been how completely dependable the system is and the support team maintaining stability and lightning fast reactions to any problems or changes in the market place.

While using LeadPro 24|7 we have seen our customer base grow to the next level.  This is all a direct bi-product of a great software system.  Great features, streamlined delivery, dependability, and ease of system use have all directly translated into happy customers which has led to greater retention and a skyrocket in referrals.

Working with LeadPro 24|7 has helped us streamline our lead flow solutions from start to finish and made so many steps automatic that required hours and hours of management prior to using the system.  The system has met so many of our expectations and continues to do so and all for a price that is clearly worth the business partnership.  One of the greatest gems you can find in our industry is working with great people, and at the end of each and every day we are thrilled that we chose LeadPro 24|7 and look forward to maintaining the relationship for years to come.

Agent Magnet / SalesAchievers

I have tried everything over the years for digital marketing but nothing compares to LeadPro 24|7. It's built on steroids and dwarfs the competition. Unlike other systems that are too complex, like CRM's, or systems that are too simple and restricted, LeadPro helps me balance the power of lead generation and email marketing in one place.

The best part about LeadPro 24|7 is that it makes me look like an expert with my clients. It has provided such value that my clients are willing to pay more for my services. Over the past two years I've been able to double my profit margins simply by increasing my rates two-fold without losing any clients.

DCI / Motor Vehicle Services

LeadPro 24|7 is the backbone of our revenue stream. With it we're able to over deliver with our service and manage our lead generation with minimal effort.

It includes features that have been difficult to find elsewhere. For example, I can produce a lead for my client, support it with an email drip campaign, and track it through the sales process. Even though that sounds simple, most systems I've tested do not include all the components or their system is made up of separate modules that do not talk to each other.

My other favorite part of LeadPro 24|7 is how it handles billing and record keeping. This has been a blessing. I don't have to track leads separately on a spreadsheet or worry if each client is being billed correctly. LeadPro 24|7 handles it all.

I hope my competition doesn't find out about LeadPro 24|7. It does everything I need and my clients are always blown away. The fact that they can track the electronic behavior of every lead and campaign helps them save time and only pursue leads that have proven to be worthwhile.

My clients actually enjoy prospecting because they know LeadPro 24|7 helps them identify which prospects are warm and which ones are wasting their time. And what's even better is that unlike difficult-to-learn systems, it isn't overwhelming. Usually I can train my client how to use the LeadPro system in an hour. What's smart is that LeadPro 24|7 only includes the functionality that a sale person really needs to perform their job.

Using LeadPro 24|7 I've been able to attract new clients at a faster pace.